Thursday, February 12, 2015

Instagrams as of Late

Sorry for the slacking in posts as of late. Even if they are up a bit late I am still trying to get them all up so be sure to check back frequently! Lately I have loved using instagram as a mini escape. Whenever it is just a bit too cold or I need a break from my never ending stack of school work I like to scroll through instagram to see what other people are up to. Although most photos are super staged (guilty) it's still fun to see a pop of color on a cold and dreary day that can immediately leave you feeling more energized and refreshed! 

Here are a few recent instagrams from my feed! If you don't already follow along feel free to @prepinyourstep!

I hope some of these brightened up your day!


  1. Great pictures, I have been loving your insta account lately.

  2. I love this idea, but I feel like you have been pulling too much from Carly, almost the point of plagiarism. It's sad to see the lack of creativity and credit given where it is due. :(

  3. Your insta is always SO colorful, I love it! You totally made me want to go out and grab some macarons at whole foods the other day. :)

    Vanessa Lang Design

  4. Gorgeous pictures! What apps do you use?

    -Ruth |


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