Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Best Ways to Brighten Your Winter

I never really knew what people were referring to when they said that winter months can put them into such funk until this year. I definitely had a funky January and beginning of February. I wasn't exactly thrilled to come back to school with the stress of recruitment (all consuming) and a new schedule that wasn't going to be as easy as I had hoped. I was borderline dreading it but once I got back things were ok. I've talked about this before but I absolutely hate goodbyes, and leaving after winter break was especially hard since we were able to spend so much time together as a family. One of the first nights back I felt extremely stressed and overwhelmed with what was to come for the semester and felt like I was having a panic attack. I tend to be a worrier and stressor and I let it all build up which is never good. Also, with recruitment going on I was surrounded by people all day for many days straight and didn't have much time to do anything I wanted to. I was overwhelmed and with good reason (or so I'll tell myself). Fast forward to recruitment being finished and the excitement of bid day (and good weather) and I felt a bit out of my funk. Then friend issues, changes in plans, and a hectic schedule that I am still trying to mange made the remainder of January feel rough. Things have leveled out now for the most part but at the time I was definitely in a funk. Add in really cold and icky weather where we didn't see the sun for weeks on end and I wasn't the happiest I've ever been, fortunately thug hI found some ways to combat this and change my attitude to find the positive in the situation. 

I called home and cried some a lot and my mom was my number one cheerleader and was always making suggestions. The one that I had to take to heart the most which was the hardest was putting myself out there. For whatever reason (probably due to my perfectionist nature) I attempt to make myself seem really together in whatever ways I can and only open up to certain people. I am not sure if that is in order to maintain that facade or what but I had to very actively reach out to other people and be in charge of the situation. It's a great learning experience but something no one ever wants to have to do especially when they aren't at fault in a situation. Now that I am reflecting on the situation and for the most part out of the funk I have a few techniques I used in order to escape that mindset that may help any of y'all feeling the winter blues.

Fresh Flowers

Not only did this make me feel more like I was at home but it genuinely brightened my spirits. I have always loved flowers and think they are so bright and cheery. My mom always has fresh flowers waiting for me in my room at home so the combination of that and the fact that tulips are my favorite served as a great reminder. Just like any season, situations will change too and that was something I had to keep in mind. Also, in my mind flowers scream spring which is in its own a perfect escape from winter. 

Calling Home

While sometimes this made me wish I were there more, my parents were always more than willing to chat with me and distract me. Whether it was my dad and I talking about golden doodles or my mom talking about a new recipe she tried I could get my mind off of things while being reassured by their advice. 

Blogging & Pinterest

My favorite escapes! Two things I absolutely adore that were the perfect distractions I needed. A lot of the time I keep myself busy by doing school work but when you don't feel all that happy you aren't going to be that motivated to complete tedious assignments and work. Most of the time when scrolling through Pinterest my feed is filled with bright colors, a nice change from the dreary and dark skies outside!

Coffee with Friends

Honestly should refer to these as Venti vent sessions but that makes it sound like we spend the whole time gossiping which we don't. I love coffee and coffee dates with friends are always more fun. If I needed a mid day pick me up I always knew who to turn to and we would quickly depart for Starbucks or our local favorites. What's better on a warm winter day than hot coffee?

(I hope y'all don't take this post as a pity party because it is definitely not intended in that way. I know a lot of people probably felt the winter blues in a similar way I did so this was more so about sharing my tips but I felt like some background information was only fair for y'all to know.)

If you have any other tips leave them below!!


  1. this is perfect. I am so over winter

    Check out my newest post

  2. Love this post and your entire blog! This post is very relatable(: Thank you for the great ideas!

  3. This post is so incredibly spot-on, but I can tell you from experience that those funky times will make you stronger & you'll be better for it in the end :) And calls home to mom never hurt anything! I live about ten minutes away from my parents now, but I still like to give them a call every day :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  4. this was definitely how i felt this january and february!! - the stress of work made me have so much anxiety and i felt overwhelmed by revision and personal problems. handling the stress was the hardest part. i love baking and it allows me to relieve my stress. i actually made a red velvet cake!!xx i hope you feel better Dorothy!:) remember the good things that you're going to do this year, like visiting london and france!!! looking forward for those blog posts too!!!:)x

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  6. Actually, we should call these "Venti vent sessions," but Ifza Business Activities that implies that we gossip nonstop which isn't the case. Coffee dates with pals are always more enjoyable, and I love coffee.

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