Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day Must Haves

Being from south Alabama I find myself constantly checking the Weather Channel app to see if Greenville has the slightest of possibly of snow! This entire past week the prediction for today has been snow! Unfortunately, this snow/ice mix isn't supposed to start until this afternoon meaning that classes are going on as planned. Keep your fingers crossed that Furman calls off classes tomorrow! Also, for all you northerners laughing at this currently I understand how ridiculous you must think it is for a snow day with only a few inches forecasted but we just don't have the machinery to make the roads safe for one or two storms per year!

I am desperately hoping for a snow day and am a bit mad I don't have time to the grocery store before the ice begins to cover the roads. Campus dining is a bit iffy when it comes to snow days and I would much rather have some yummy frozen meals or snacks to eat instead.

What are your snow day must haves?
Be careful if you are venturing outside in this weather!


  1. I hope you had a great snow day!! I think with all these things you are prepared for a cozy and relaxing day! Up in Massachusetts we have about 6 plus feet of snow, which is crazy! I'm sure the city of Boston would love to send some to Furman and maybe get you a few more relaxing snow days :)
    xx, Catherine |

  2. I hope y'all managed to get a snow day! I go to Jacksonville State (in Alabama) and we've been begging for a "snow day" even though all we've had is a little bit of freezing rain! What I wouldn't give to cuddle up in my PJ's with netflix though :)

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. I wish we had snow days at Ohio State, but it can be negative temperatures outside and snowing and you can bet classes are still in session. Bean boots are definitely a must for the cold, snowy weather!

  4. Who knows where those shoes are from??


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