Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Red Carpet Season {Q-tips Precision Tips}

Award Season is in full swing and that means I can't checkout at the grocery store without lusting over the beautiful dresses and drooling over the makeup looks of the celebrities that grace the covers of just about all of the magazines that span the aisles. Granted celebrities tend to have their own team to ensure they are Red Carpet ready it's hard not to lust over their looks. And although most of the time I am more into the dresses than the makeup I think that it can really complete the look.

While my beauty arsenal is far from that of a makeup artist I do find myself reaching for one specific product that can help me to achieve a more flawless look. Enter Q-tips Precision Tips. The ultimate beauty tool, with tapered ends specifically designed for precise application and touch-ups for nails, eyes, lips and more. As a perfectionist and a makeup novice I find myself in desperate need of a tool that can give me a quick fix and that's exactly what these provide. They are gentle and soft to use on delicate areas of the face, including around the eyes where I tend to need the most help, especially if I am using eye liner. I use at least 2 when getting ready every day!

Thus far from the photos I've seen on the red carpet (too much school work to actually watch the entirety of it, unfortunately) it seems to be all about a more natural and fresh looking face, subtle "your lips but better" colored lip products, and a more dramatic eye look. Most days I don't even wear eye liner or eye shadow but I was inspired to do something a bit different than my everyday look and I am shocked by how much it made my eyes pop. Eyeliner is without a doubt the hardest part for me, I have no idea how people can have perfectly symmetrical winged liner on either side with just a swipe of their product. Me, on the other hand… I'm all about application and then correction but mainly correction. For any other makeup novices out there attempting this then fear not because I have discovered the easiest correction process all due to my Q-tips Precision Tips. I used to use the original Q-tips cotton swabs but now I find myself gravitating towards the Precision Tips more and more!

Here is my best attempt. For my eye look I opted to apply a shimmery nude eye shadow. Then came the tricky part, applying the eye liner. I always gravitate towards pen formed eye liners to ensure optimal control and the one I used in this look has a felt tip. Regardless of how effortless commercials make the application process look I always find a way to get it all over my eye lid. Once I have applied eyeliner to both eyes and am semi pleased with the outcome (meaning I don't stop halfway across the eye) I begin the touch up process. Personally, I like to dab my Q-tips Precision Tips into water before I attempt to perfect any of the lines. By the time I finish running the Q-tips Precision Tips near my eye liner I am left with a really straight line that I am pleased with.

These Q-tips Precision Tips also work incredibly for touching up lipstick and even creating a unique nail look all because of their tapered ends. 

You can find all sorts of awesome ideas for use on Q-tips Pinterest page!

But even cooler than a makeup look is what Katie Rodgers used Q-tips Precision tips to create!
She painted some amazing red carpet looks using these and I wish I had an ounce of that skill! They are absolutely incredible!

Pardon me while I attempt to paint something half as cool!

(I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. I would not promote something to y'all that I don't personally use and back so I hope you enjoy!)


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