Thursday, February 19, 2015

Auburn Recap

So as some of you may know, I spent my weekend pretending to be a "big school" kid. My best friend goes to Auburn so I made the trek that way to stay with her for the weekend. This weekend was the perfect one to escape because it didn't really seem like anything was going on at school and Valentine's Day with your best friend is always the best!

We spent the weekend exploring, eating, and enjoying our time together. It is so crazy how someone you see daily in high school can become someone you see for short spells of time when you're both home for breaks. Fortunately, with best friends you can flawlessly pick right back up where you left off. This was the first time in about a year that Kate and I have gotten to spend an extended amount of time together, that's what working at summer camps many miles away will do to you! It's so refreshing to venture outside of the Furman bubble and I loved getting a taste of what it is like for her at Auburn.

I arrived on Friday afternoon and immediately insisted we do something semi active (sitting in a car is not my fav) so we wandered downtown and did a bit of shopping. Auburn has a lot of fun stores specifically geared towards college aged girls clothing so there were plenty of fun things to look at. We also went to Toomers Corner and got lemonade. Y'all may not know this about me but I adore lemonade, Chickfila is one of my faces but fresh squeezed is even better. Fortunately, it lived up to the hype although if I had known ahead of time that you could get it flavored I definitely would have!

Friday night we also ate downtown at a restaurant called Hamiltons. It was so good and fortunately our wait for a table wasn't too lengthy. We were both really hungry so we ordered their spinach artichoke dip appetizer and I got blackened chicken pasta with seasonal veggies (I don't know how they cooked their veggies but they were so good) and Kate got shrimp and grits which was equally as tasty. We then ventured back to her precious house and made puppy chow and watched a movie. We also spent LOTS of time catching up and just enjoying being together.

Saturday morning Kate was dying to take me to a restaurant called The Hound and I am so glad she did. We got there right at 10:00 when it opened for brunch and it was absolutely delicious! I ordered hazelnut coffee and homemade granola coated french toast which had a caramel-esque glaze that acted as syrup. Probably one of the best breakfasts I've ever had! I also met a reader while we were there which was so cool! I've only met a few readers over the course of my time blogging but it definitely makes it feel like I am not just sitting on my bed writing posts for myself.

Kate's friend Taylor joined us for our excursions all of Saturday which was so fun and I was excited to meet some of her friends at Auburn! After brunch we went to Opelika (super close to Auburn) to explore and go to their favorite coffee shop, The Overall Company. This place was too cool. They had the most delicious looking treats, including macaroons, yummy sounding coffee, and popsicles. Naturally on a cold day I went for a popsicle! Mine was salted caramel and they dipped it in a chocolate shell and covered it with graham cracker crumbs, delicious! When I walked in I met another reader which was unreal! Two in one day, that never happens! The Overall Company was so cool on the inside and had a really neat upstairs balcony and outside area! Kate had brought her camera so we definitely took advantage of the neat scenery!


This picture was too funny not to share, we joked that if we were in a band then this would be our album cover. 


Then we went into downtown Opelika which seemed basically deserted which was bizarre for it being a Saturday. We wandered into some shops and explored the area with camera in hand!

I thought this awning and storefront was just the cutest and had to snap a picture!


The 2 images above and the image below were all from this really cool cafe, the Cottage Cafe, which happened to be closed. I am definitely hoping Kate tries it out because if the decor was any indicator of the food then it is bound to be perfect!

After our excursions we headed back to Kate's house and ended up taking a nap. I was probably out for an hour and a half which felt so nice. For dinner we went to Chipotle (so yummy) and then we went to a movie. We saw Kingsmen which I hadn't even seen commercials for but it was entertaining and action filled. The night ended with us going back to Kate's house, me packing up, then crawling into bed and watching another movie (I fell asleep about 15 minutes into it). I woke up Sunday morning and got ready to depart and then it was back to Furman and the world of studying for tests. I had such a great weekend and was so happy to get to visit Auburn for the first time!

Anyone reading this attend Auburn?


  1. So glad you like Auburn! My mom went there are she loved it. War Eagle!!

  2. I'm so happy that you loved Auburn, it's so funny to see it through someone else's eyes though :)
    And my fiance' and I missed you by not much at The Hound-next time get her to take you to Acre!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. I go to Auburn! I'm so glad you liked it!

    PS - I was also at the movies there on Saturday night!

  4. So fun meeting you at The Hound! Glad you enjoyed the rest of your trip!

  5. Love this post! I visited Auburn this weekend for the second time and officially made the decision that I will be attending Auburn in the fall. I visited some of the places you did and hope to explore more once I start there this fall. I would LOVE to meet up with you, if you're ever back in Auburn!

  6. I'll be a student at Auburn this fall and can't wait to check out these cute places!

  7. I am only a sophomore in high school but Auburn is one of my top choices. So happy to hear that you like it!


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