Friday, February 27, 2015

Step Into My Week {2015 #8}

Hooray for Friday! Although I ended up having two days worth of class canceled for the snow this week seemed semi long. Maybe that's because I felt like I had three Mondays because of how confused my internal schedule was.

This past weekend I was supposed to go skiing but because of the crazy winter weather happening where we were supposed to be headed I opted out at the last minute. My sorority had a function that I had been excused for due to skiing and since it was too late to go and I didn't want to see all of my friends go and not be able to join I decided to spend part of my weekend in Athens, GA visiting two of my very best friends! They are sisters and Macy goes to Georgia while Bowen was just stopping through at the start of her FEB Break (she goes to Washington & Lee). I was so excited to get to hang out with them and we all had such a great time! We ate at such yummy restaurants, cooked a meal, and explored which was absolutely perfect. I also got to see 3 of my good friends from camp in the short time I was there! Now that I've been away from school for two weekends in a row I am so glad to be staying put this weekend especially since we've been in the middle of midterms!


This week was an exciting one in addition to the snow because it was Big / Little week! For those of you unaware about what that is, in a sorority (or at least Kappa Delta at Furman) new members are paired with a sophomore who is considering their big sister (most of the time just referred to as their big). I know y'all will probably hate me for this but I want to save all of my gifts and pictures for a post next week so get excited for that but for now here is a peek!

This is what I gave her the first day (I'll go into details when I do the full post)!

Here we are at reveal last night, so much fun!

Now onto what has been on my radar…

Since it has been so cold I've been having to bundle up just to workout. I instagramed my favorite long sleeve workout top and many of you were curious as to where it can be purchased! The site can be found here and they have some of the most fun workout gear!

This dress has gotten so much attention just about everywhere in the past 24 hours. I was at dinner with my KD family after big / little reveal and saw it for the first time and only saw blue and black. Two of us saw it that way with the other two seeing white and gold. Now it has gotten to the point that every time I look I see it differently which is so bizarre. Already perplexed by how this happened I was freaked out even further when I got a text from my brother solely saying "I see white and gold." We hadn't once discussed this picture so the fact that he sent that while I was so confused had me even more weirded out! What do y'all see? Like I said I've seen both and it continues to alternate each time I look. In my pledge class group me we were all debating this but my favorite comment had to be "Can we all just agree that the dress isn't that cute to begin with."

I love Design Darling! The combination of aesthetically pleasing home goods with organization items is perfection in my mind. Well, to celebrate three years Mackenzie has released a 20% off coupon code. It's a very fitting one too… use the code CANTSTOPWONTSTOP and shop all of your favorites here and at the bottom of the post! Now is the perfect time to stock up on hostess gifts and happier for your friends and snag a few things for yourself while you're at it!

Kate Spade just released a ton of fun new arrivals and the addition of a kids line which contains all of the perfection from the adult pieces shrunken down into a mini form. I am still bitter that Kate Spade forgot to send me the coat they named after me (Dorothy Coat), ha if only that were the case. But now they even have it in itty bitty form!

Lastly, Target has had some amazing pieces as of late! With their always great prices but impeccable designs you could have people fooled especially with these sandals (which I own and wear all the time) and this purse!

If you haven't seen them already then be sure to check out the posts that went up this week!

Shop tons of pieces that have caught my eye this week below!


  1. Love this post! I see black and blue, but once I blinked and saw it as white and gold-crazy right?
    Lauren A |

  2. Omg that black and blue and gold/white things is driving me crazy. I saw gold/white at first, then looked back later and saw black/blue. Anyways looks like you had a great week!

  3. I love the line, it is just the cutest.

    check out my newest post

  4. You big/little pictures were so cute! Looked like a blast!

    Vanessa Lang Design

  5. I loved having snow days this week! I saw white and gold in the dress first!

  6. I love your Kate Spade picks and that Target bow purse! Everything is so cute and colorful, thanks for sharing!

    Check out my new blog at!


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