Friday, February 6, 2015

Step Into My Week {2015 #5}

This past weekend was pretty school filled. With two presentations on Monday (one being my first time teaching a lesson!) and a test on Tuesday and Wednesday studying was essential. Even after I take the tests I still have to remind myself there is more to college than schoolwork and that your GPA does not define you. 

I have been the biggest fan of off campus coffee shop studying and even wrote a post all about it here. Sunday afternoon I went to see Wicked at the Peace Center in downtown Greenville. I have seen the show before but I couldn't believe how much I had forgotten and I found myself having "oh, that's how it all connected" moments throughout the show. 

The past few weeks, as I have hinted at, haven't been the best but I am relieved to say that I am slowly but surely back to myself. A situation that I had been nervous about worked itself out beautifully and I am so excited for what's to come in regards to that. Thanks for sticking with me even though blog posts have gone up late and I haven't divulged all details.

(All of the pillows above are from Leigh Deux and you can get your purchase discounted with the code REP-9035)

I've also had some other really cool opportunities present themselves this week so I am excited to see what is in store for those. Funny how timing works out that way.

As for the rest of my week things were pretty uneventful. I did have some really cool posts go up this week that I was excited about and that I hope you've seen (if not feel free to check them out below).

(most of the photos I've included in the post can be seen first on my instagram so be sure to follow me over there @prepinyourstep)

Now for what has been on my radar…

How did I not know who Lennon and Maisy are? They are the cutest sibling duo who make me desperately wish that I am not tone deaf. Their cover of Boom Clap is DEFINITELY worth a watch!

I was shocked when I heard that Harper Lee is coming out with a new book. I read To Kill A Mockingbird my freshman year of high school and thoroughly enjoyed it. It helps that I have a connection with it though. The town where it is set happens to be the town where my grandparents live that I visit multiple times a year. I am intrigued to read what her new book will be like but I also am aware of a lot of skepticism that is coming with it's release since I have direct connections with the hometown and people who know her personally. Regardless, I feel like the book will be interesting and one that I will definitely be reading. Scout's eventual understanding of human nature and social expectations (at such a young age) leaves something for everyone to take away and I know she'll bring new insight given her older age in Lee's upcoming story.

PS this article about the world needing more people like Atticus Finch from The Every Girl is worth a read!

I'll be honest, I am not too pleased that the groundhog saw its shadow but Tuckernuck's 30% off winter outerwear sale makes it a bit more bearable. We are talking a Barbour jacket for over $100 off!

I hope that your weekend brings you as much joy as playing in the snow did for this pup!

I want to hear about your week! Leave me comments below!


  1. I'm from Alabama as well & while I'm really glad that Lee is releasing another book, but I'm with you...we went on a fieldtrip to her hometown to tour it and we went by her house and all the curtains were drawn and it was dark, the tour guide said she was a recluse, which is so sad!

    By the way, Maisy & Lennon are my favorites and I loved that you shared that video! I fell in love with them on Nashville and I can't stop listening to all of their songs :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

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  3. Wow! It's crazy to find someone else who's visited Monroeville! My father is from there and I loved going to visit him.

  4. You must watch Nashville! I agree, they are amazing! I am new to your blog! it is so upbeat and fun!

  5. where did you get your ring, I love it!


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