Thursday, September 12, 2019

101 in 1001 (Round 2) Update

It took until I was looking around at my desk the other day at work for me to realize that the five to-do lists I have going make me undoubtedly a list person. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a handwritten list maker and apparently, I’m nowhere close to ending that. All these lists had me eager to re-visit the longest to-do list I’ve made, my second round 101 in 1001 list. While I did decently the first time I took on this task, I am hoping to cross even more off this go-round. To hold myself accountable, I thought that an update on my progress was in order. Keep in mind that I started the list in June so I still have plenty of time to attempt crossing 101 things off, but here is what I have started so far.

Completed Tasks

Come up with 101 things to do in 1001 days
Have you ever written something on a to-do list solely for the satisfaction of crossing it off? Yep, me too. This task counts though since intentionally coming up with 101 tasks that are achievable but also meaningful wasn’t easy. 

Create a new book series on the blog
I am so excited to have a new book guest poster on the blog! It really doesn’t seem that long ago that Novels with Nell was a thing, but it has been well over a year and feels like the right time to re-introduce book content regularly. I am so excited to have Phoebe of Read and Wright working on these monthly posts for y’all. I know it’s a bit premature to cross this off since so far there has only been one post, but we have more in the works so stay tuned! 

Wash my makeup brushes (once a month for a year)
This task doesn’t get a checkmark but more of a work in progress acknowledgment. It is alarming how infrequently I wash my makeup brushes, so I’m forcing myself to make it more of a habit. So far, I’ve got two months under my belt and are aiming to remain consistent with this goal. 

Celebrate 5 Exciting Life Events For Friends (Gil’s Wedding & Sophia’s Wedding)
I think weddings definitely get to count as exciting life events and since this list was made, I’ve gotten to celebrate with two very important people. I went to Seattle for Sophia’s wedding back in July and headed to Gil’s (my brother) wedding at the end of August. Both were a blast, and I’m looking forward to sharing photos from the events on the blog in the future.

Take Family Photos
Nobody told me I couldn’t kill two birds with one stone, but with most of our family at my brother’s wedding, we were able to get some great family photos at the event. I hope that we can continue to take more, but the wedding was a great start, especially since we needed to make sure to update the family photos since I officially have a sister-in-law. 

Visit 3 New States (Washington State – does the Dallas airport count?)
While for technicality’s sake I’d like to say I’ve visited two new states I don’t think seeing the inside of the Dallas airport really gets to count. I did visit the Pacific Northwest for the first time however and feel like I can genuinely say I’ve seen a good deal of Seattle, Washington.

Read 40 Books
I think I am going to need to increase this number since I’m already over halfway there at just two months in. Being able to listen to audiobooks has made it so much easier for me to fly through books and I’ve listed below the titles I’ve read and listened to so far since making the list. 

Try 20 New Places in Birmingham
This is another item I may need to edit since I’ve somehow made a lot of progress on it already. If you’re not in Birmingham, this may not mean anything to you, but it’s a nice mix of restaurants and bars if you’re local. 

(10/20 Marble Ring, Roots & Revelry, Dread River Distillery, Urban Cookhouse, Paper Dolls, Nana Funks, Queen’s Park, Green House, Five Points Oyster House, Lucky Cats)

Attend 3 Concerts (2 of 3 -- The Dirty Guv’nahs - summer 2019, Blackjacket Symphony - summer 2019)
I did not expect to be nearly finished with this item so quickly since I’m usually not a huge concert go-er even though I do enjoy them. I saw The Dirty Guv’nahs at Avondale Brewing in July, randomly went to an Eagles cover band concert with a friend in August, and am going to another concert in town this weekend. Check! 

Next on the list:
Go to the state fair
Go to a college football game
Read only library or audiobooks for a year
Read 30 minutes before bed for two weeks
Create 2 new monthly blog series

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