Wednesday, September 11, 2019

5 Things I'm Especially Excited For About Fall

September can feel like a bit of a weird month. You’re finally getting settled back into a routine, but it still feels like summer outside. It’s hard to fully embrace the fact that Halloween decorations are in stores and pumpkin flavor is being added to just about everything. Maybe that’s because I live in Alabama and it will take a bit longer for the temperatures and leaves to drop. Even still, fall is a season I get excited for despite how quickly my schedule fills with activities (does anyone else feel like that’s inevitable this time of year?). So, because looking forward to something makes it that much more exciting when it actually comes I’ve decided that it could be fun to share what I am looking forward to most about fall.


Nothing makes it feel like fall quite like spending your Saturday afternoon and/or evening watching college football. Whether we put the game up on our projector, are watching it a friend’s house, or are at a brewery it’s an easy way to bring people together to enjoy one another’s company and usually delicious appetizers. I really enjoy watching the games and although the season has begun am ready for some of the better rivalries and get-togethers to come to watch them at. 

Cooler Weather
This is a no brainer and arguably the best part about fall. After plenty of weeks with temperatures in the 90s, any bit of crispness in the air gets me very excited. I know that the sun will start to set earlier, but it seems like in the fall I spend even more time outside just to soak it in! 

Another perk of cooler weather? Sweaters. I feel like looking put together in the fall and winter is so much easier since all it takes is a pair of jeans and cozy sweater and you still look like you put in plenty of effort. At the end of winter last year I remember being so tired of all my sweaters since I essentially lived in them, but now I’m eager to put them back on rotation. I guess it’s true that distance does make the heart grow fonder. 

I tend to get an urge to bake more this time of year and whether that be due to the cooler temperatures bringing me indoors or just looking for an excuse to try all of the pumpkin recipes out there I am not complaining. If you have any go-to fall recipes, I need to try definitely leave them in the comments below. Beyond just baking, I am ready for my crockpot to do all of my meal prepping for me with yummy soups and other dishes to come!

I am still fully convinced that our back deck (complete with a fire pit) is the reason I have friends in Birmingham. I never lit a fire just for myself to enjoy last year but am envisioning doing so this year with a warm drink and a good book (and of course s’ mores supplies).

What are you most looking forward to about the coming season?

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