Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Step Into My Week 9.10

Even with this being the second week in a row that a Step Into My Week post has gone live on a Tuesday (as opposed to Monday) don’t get too used to that since I fully intend to have next weeks up on Monday! Between Labor Day weekend and the Lilly Pulitzer sale, I had to move things around accordingly. Thank goodness last week was a short one since I had some adjusting to do after being out of town but I’m making it a priority to get things back to normal this week.

Waking up last Tuesday with my body still on California time was a challenge. I knew that a lot of my morning would be spent catching up on missed emails, responding to comments, and getting back to square one at work which I don’t think really helped my energy level. There was a point in the afternoon where I thought I was going to fall asleep at my desk (don’t worry, I didn’t) and you can bet I treated myself to an afternoon cup of coffee as an attempt to combat that. My afternoon was spent writing social captions and working on resources before 5:00 finally came around, and I suddenly had a second wind. Although my gym bag was packed, I really didn’t feel like working out, so I instead texted Nell to see if she was free. We hadn’t caught up on our weekends yet, so we decided to grab dinner after I went home to change and start my laundry. I picked her up and didn’t tell her where we were going to eat dinner since it was a place I had been to before and talked up to her. Finally on the way there she guessed it and I’ll be the first to admit it’s not somewhere I would’ve ever gone had someone not raved about it and taken me there. For those of you in the Birmingham area, Blue Pacific (or gas station thai as I’ve gotten in the habit of calling it) has some of the best pad thai I’ve had, and I think Nell can agree. We fully brought each other up to speed on our lives, and after dropping her off, I headed home to finish my laundry and go to bed.

Wednesday was more productive than Tuesday but was filled with a number of meetings that made my productivity come in waves. I spent the morning working on captions, resources, and comps before a cover meeting at 11:15 and a round table team meeting from 2:30 to 4:00. After that, I had a few remaining emails to respond to before it was time to leave. I skipped the Y again opting to shower before heading to bible study so that I could go to bed right after. 

I spent most of Thursday at my desk, which was nice and I was able to make some progress on my ever-growing to-do list. I scheduled some meetings, worked on copy and social posts, and spent a lot of the afternoon looking for products to feature in upcoming issues. After work, I headed home for a little bit of downtime before grabbing dinner at Five Points Oyster House with a friend. Afterward, we ended up at a rolled ice cream shop (Lucky Cat) in Homewood, and both agreed that the rolled ice cream trend is a little overrated. I got home around 9:30 and read for a bit before falling asleep.

I kick-started my Friday bright and early after agreeing to meet my friend Macy at a 5:15 workout class at True40. I quickly showered and got ready so that I could still have a little bit of time to do blog work at Starbucks before heading into the office at 8:00. After work, I came home to eat lunch before changing and grabbing a book to sit by the pool for a little over an hour. Then it was time to go back home and change again for my second True40 class of the day. The first Friday of every month is “Free Friend Fridays,” and I had told Nell I’d go with her before Macy mentioned it and since I didn’t want anyone to be friendless, I decided to just go twice. Our friend Allie met us there as well, and afterward, we met up with all met up with some other friends at a Pizza place in Crestline Park called Basil. Once we were finished with our pizza, some of us went to Big Spoon (my favorite ice cream place in Birmingham) before heading home. Unfortunately, all of my PA school friends are back in study mode, which meant that them having plans only really included dinner. I showered, put on pajamas, and sat on the couch watching Netflix as my plans for the remainder of my Friday night.


Saturday morning, I slept in which felt great before deciding to run a few errands and accomplish general life to-do list tasks I had been putting off. I made it back home in time for the Alabama game, and Nell eventually joined me to watch that once she had finished studying for the day. When the game was over, we decided to go to Taco Mama for dinner. We jokingly told our waiter that we should’ve ordered a pitcher when he asked how our watermelon margaritas were, and he kindly brought one out to us. My roommate, Rebecca, had originally decided to stay home instead of joining us for dinner, but we were able to convince her to join us thanks to the free margaritas. After dinner, we went home to finish watching the Furman game before all calling it a night.

I had a slow morning on Sunday before getting ready to head to church with Nell. For once, I remembered to take a picture of what I wore, and I think it’s time to admit that I wore that red shirt three different times this week. It’s THAT good and on sale! After church, I dropped Nell off and headed to Trader Joes to get food for the week. My roommate and I ate lunch while watching friends before I decided to get my meal prepping out of the way. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading on our back deck and catching up with friends on the phone during my walk. After showering, I made dinner, cleaned, and started Netflix’s new show, Dead to Me. I got in bed early so that I’d have some time to read before calling it a night.

I hope that y’all had a nice week and that this week is going well too!

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