Friday, September 27, 2019

September 2019 Favorites

For once I am actually posting my favorites before the end of the month, this is a borderline miracle and rare. So, enjoy it while it lasts since I make no promises! Nell and I were on a walk at the beginning of this month debating which month we liked more, August or September. Neither months are standouts in my book, but I definitely prefer September to August (which Nell chose partly because it’s her birthday month). My argument was that in September you are at least somewhat adjusted back to a routine and the hope of it being colder is there even though it’s not usually a reality. I’m not sad to see September go since I really like October, but overall it was a good month even though nothing all that notable occurred. I did have a few items that stood out to me this month as favorites, but I have a feeling that once it really starts to feel like fall, these favorites posts will become a bit more exciting. 

I got this top at the beginning of the month when Tuckernuck’s sale section was an additional 25% off and have already WAY overworn it. I even wore it three times in the span of a weekend, which is saying a lot. It’s a little bit big on me (I ordered a small) but its versatility ultimately makes up for that. I’ve paired it with white jeans, a white skirt, jean shorts, and jeans, making it an easy summer/fall staple top. The material is a swiss dot and airy but not see-through which is a definite win! Unfortunately, I don’t think it is in stock in all sizes since I found it on sale, but the details about it can be found here. 

My giving love language is definitely gifts. I love coming up with a thoughtful present for a person and can get caught up in trying to find something absolutely perfect. Lucky for me, I came across Paper From Eliza on Instagram and was presented with the best gift idea for my roommate’s birthday/celebrating a year in Birmingham together. Eliza was so fast and did an awesome job illustrating our house and us from the reference images I gave her and her prices are unheard of. Add her artwork to your gift-giving arsenal stat!

So often vitamins are one of those things I convince myself of working even if I haven’t fully seen results. The same can be said about these “beauty” vitamins from the brand Olly. My hair has kind of been driving me crazy all summer, and I’ve been looking for ways to strengthen it, so I gave these a try. I’d like to think they are working but even if they aren’t these gummy vitamins are now a delicious part of my morning routine. 

I know I’ve shared this piece as a favorite before, but it gets to be included again since I finally have it again after my original one broke. I received this Goldbug Blue Ring for Christmas from my parents and the brand recently re-made them after some of the originals breaking. I forgot just how much I loved wearing it until the new one came in the mail. It’s one of those pieces that catches people’s eyes and instantly has them asking questions about it. Even my brother complimented it when we were in California for his wedding, and it is rare for him to notice jewelry! 

Speaking of California for my brother’s wedding, the bridesmaids all did their own makeup for the wedding which meant that I needed to find something a bit more substantial than the CC Cream I wear every day. After spending more time reading makeup reviews than I cared to, I bit the bullet and decided to order this highly raved about foundation. It hurt to spend so much on makeup, but the reviews didn’t lead me astray. Since I knew these photos were ones I’d see for years to come since it was a family wedding, I wanted something that was full coverage, would last all day, and still look natural. This did all of those things and somehow held up in the hot church and until I finally took it off around midnight! 

Part of the reason I think the foundation mentioned above held up so well was thanks to this Smashbox Photo Finish primer. I had used a sample of this before and liked how it felt, so I purchased a little bottle of it for the wedding. It’s not something I wear every day (are you supposed to wear foundation daily?) but do notice that my makeup holds up really well when I do actually apply it. 

Alabama is still so very hot meaning that as much as I want to put on sweaters to fully embrace fall, I’d likely have a heat stroke, and I don’t want anyone to have to deal with me like that! Instead, these leopard slides have been my favorite way to add a touch of fall to weather conscious outfits. At under $30, they are a good solution for any of y’all in the same boat as me. 

I know I mentioned this planner in last month’s favorites post BUT how I’ve been using it and planning ahead has me feeling ready to conquer the busiest time of the year for blogging. Since we work so ahead at work (we’re already finished writing content for our Jan/Feb issue) I felt motivated one night to start outlining what posts I’d be doing from now till the end of the year, and I’m determined for this planner to help me stay on track! 

Now that you’ve read through all of my reasons for loving each of these items, you’re more than welcome to listen to me ramble about them as well in the video I created to accompany this post! 

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