Friday, September 6, 2019

PIYS Readers Top Clicks In August

Pajamas, workout wear, and my favorite bedroom rug? It all makes sense as to why we are friends! It was so fun to see that some of my most worn and loved pieces (plus those cute ginger jar pajamas I’d love to get my hands on) were the items that y’all clicked on most frequently to purchase this month. I could be mistaken but that $20 Amazon sports bra seems to consistently make the cut as a top clicked item month after month, and with good reason! And don't get me started on my love of the Ostrich Travel Pillow. I may have written a love letter to it here... I have a feeling that next month’s post like this will be geared more towards fall given the blog posts I have planned for this month, but if you have any post suggestions I am all ears! 

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