Monday, September 16, 2019

Step Into My Week 9.16

Finally, Step Into My Week posts are back to going live on Monday! There are so many times that I write these posts and think about how on Earth y’all could be interested in what’s going on in my day to day life and it never fails that when I’m having those thoughts is when someone reaches out to tell me these are their favorite posts to read. So, thank you to any of you who find these interesting even when I’m just recounting checkmarks from my agenda. 

This week felt very much so “back to normal” after a summer of being in and out and attempting to take advantage of any, and all socializing friends wanted to do. While I still am quick to jump on a spontaneous excuse to not eat a meal I’ve made at home or mix things up a bit, it feels good to know that September is shaping up to be a more laid-back month before the craziness of fall kicks off. 

Monday was a pretty typical day with my morning beginning with emails, social media comments, and general organization of my to-do lists for the week. I had to review a binder around mid-morning and work through our resources which made time move quickly. Aside from that, I wrote out social captions for the week, attempted to schedule most of them, and worked on gathering product ideas for an upcoming shoot. After work, I went back to the Y for the first time in a while. I stayed there for about 45 minutes before hurrying home to shower and eat dinner before some friends came over to watch Bachelor in Paradise. It’s always fun to invite friends into our home for a casual evening in, and I especially appreciated that everyone had entertaining commentary to share. After they left, I got in bed to read before falling asleep. I’ve been reading Undercurrents by Nora Roberts, and while some parts of the storyline are a bit shocking, I’m interested to see how it all unfolds.

On Tuesday, I spent some time working on copy for upcoming issues and continuing to try to plan ahead social posts. I had a meeting in the afternoon and aside from that decided to take advantage of some time at my desk to work on emails and other tasks that are my responsibility. After work, I went to the Y to get in a bike workout. I finished that and headed home to shower, eat dinner, and work on some blog tasks with Bachelor in Paradise on in the background. 

Wednesday morning felt full of meetings, but fortunately, I was able to get some things done during the in-between time. One of those meetings was with Mary Catherine of Cotton & Quill to showcase her new collection. The color lover in me was hooked. So, if you need any pretty printed fabric or pillows, she’s the perfect solution! After that meeting, we had a team meeting for cottage to plan a couple of upcoming shoots and check-in our progress for the current issues we are working on. I spent the afternoon working on resources and some content management tasks before heading home after work. I made dinner and relaxed until heading over to Nell’s apartment to catch up before bible study that night. That finished around 9:00, and I gladly put on my pajamas and got in bed to read afterward. 

Thursday was a bit more eventful since two photo shoots were going on that I got to help with. The first one was in the studio, and the second was on location, which is where I spent the majority of my day. We were working on a winter tablescape for our January/February issue, and it turned out beautifully. Once the shoot wrapped, I had to make a couple of returns for a stylist, and then it was time to head home. I had dinner plans not too far from my house so decided to walk to meet my friends there while talking on the phone with Sophia and catching each other up on what has been going on in our lives. We finally nailed down a time for when we will get to see one another next, and I’m already looking forward to being back together in person. Macy, Betsy, and I got dinner at Taco Mama in Crestline at 6:30 and ended up staying there talking until 9:00, which was so fun! Macy drove me home after and I showered and got in bed to prepare for an early wake-up call in the morning.

I started my Friday morning with a 5:15 True40 class with Macy and then came home to get ready for work before heading to Starbucks for a little while. I got to work at 8:00 and worked on scheduling out social posts, reading copy for an upcoming issue, and planned ahead for the following week. I got to attend a tasting for an upcoming photo shoot before leaving the office which is always a treat especially since the menu for this shoot includes some All-American classics. I left work at noon with a list of errands to run in preparation for having a big group of friends over that night for our first deck party of the season. I cleaned up the back deck (which I shared on Instagram stories), made a few snacks, cleaned the house, and got ready for everyone to come over around 8:00. It was a lot of fun getting to have our group of friends back together, and the last people left around 11:45. After that, I cleaned up and got ready for bed! 


Saturday morning, I slept until around 8:00, made myself a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal and got back in bed to eat breakfast and finish the Netflix show Dead to Me. Nell and I had plans to go shopping around 11:00, so I took it easy until then. We went to a shop in Crestline, explored Mountain Brook Village, and eventually made our way to Homewood. We grabbed lunch with our friend who met up with us at Brick and Tin and then all headed back to my house to watch the Alabama game. My roommate had some family in town and on her way out the door to meet them snapped this picture of all of us asleep watching the game. A group of our friends had tickets to a concert that night, so we all got ready for that before reconvening at my house for pizza beforehand. The concert was for a smaller band called The Brook and the Bluff (my roommate’s brother is the bassist). It ended a little after 9:00, and we all headed home afterward. I felt like I was coming down with a cold, so I took some NyQuil to attempt to get rid of it and fell asleep before 10:30. 


I woke up around 8:30 on Sunday morning and started my laundry before my second morning of the weekend having breakfast in bed. I worked on Sunday’s blog post and then eventually got up and got ready for church at 11:00. After church, I went to Trader Joe’s before making myself lunch and meal prepping for the week. I went for a walk and talked on the phone with my parents in the afternoon and even ate a popsicle on our back deck. The rest of my evening was very laid back, and I was able to get in bed pretty early. 

I hope that y’all had an equally as restful yet enjoyable weekend, and I hope your Monday is off to a great start.

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