Monday, September 23, 2019

Step Into My Week 9.23

Happy first day of fall! For whatever reason, I had it in my head that the first day of fall wasn’t until tomorrow, but I’ll take the season as soon as it wants to come. Stepping outside this morning felt amazing (it was 65 out), so I rode part of the way to work with the windows down knowing that it is supposed to jump back up to the 90s by this afternoon…again taking what I can get of it! I’ll be sharing a fall bucket list this week for those of you as eager to embrace this season as I am, but in the meantime here’s what I have been up to this past week. 

Quick disclaimer, somehow, I forgot to take outfit photos three mornings so that’ll be something to work on this week!

Thinking back to Monday has me confirming just how long the past week felt. It feels like two weeks ago that I was at a cover shoot, but instead, that was this past Monday. I came to the office beforehand to get some work done and pick up the last of the props we needed and then headed over to the shoot. We were working on Cottage’s Winter cover and had four different color schemes to shoot, so there were a lot of details to keep track of, but all of the variations looked really great, and I’m excited to see what is picked. We wrapped the shoot a little before 3:00 and had to load up the van with all of the props in some intense heat. I went back to the office for the last hour and a half of the day with a long to-do list I had started the previous week of tasks that needed to get done. After work, I went to the Y to work out and then went home to eat, shower, and get some blog work done. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were a little bit stressful as unexpected tasks came about with an already long to-do list. Fortunately, by Thursday, a lot of those tasks were completed, which was a relief. I started Tuesday morning off by unloading the van from the day before while it wasn’t quite as hot. I was supposed to have a meeting at 9:00 that got pushed to the following day, so instead, I worked on photo associations for upcoming issues, responding to comments, and working through some scheduling logistics for upcoming social posts. At 11 I had a meeting with one of our stylists to start selecting products for a shoot we have at the end of the month and divvy up responsibilities of who was going to contact who. That lasted until about 12:10 and made for a long list of people to get in contact with that afternoon. I had plans to meet a friend for lunch around 12:30 at a place called Maki Fresh (I had their brussel sprout bowl and will be recreating it at home since it was so good). After that, it was back to the office to start reaching out to various vendors and sending out complimentary copies of one of our issues. I went to the Y after work and then quickly showered and ate dinner so that I was ready for the finale of Bachelor in Paradise. I multitasked while watching it and eventually gave up when I realized that the episode was scheduled to last 3 hours. Instead of finishing it, I got in bed to read before falling asleep. 

I started Wednesday by quickly crossing some smaller tasks off my to-do list before a meeting at 9:00 all about some Christmas content we are working on for social media. After that, I had another meeting to pick out products for a January/February feature which left me with more people to email. I also worked on finalizing the resources for an issue that was headed to print and didn’t end up heading downstairs to eat lunch until around 12:50. Emails continued to consume most of my afternoon as did scheduling upcoming social media posts. After work, I headed home to change before meeting Nell at her apartment to go for a walk. We got back to her apartment around 7:00 to meet our friend Caroline and eat dinner together before bible study started at 7:30. I got home around 9:00 and showered and immediately got in bed.

Thursday looked about the same when it came to tasks I was accomplishing so I don’t feel the need to re-list those out. After work, I had a quick turn around since Nell and I had tickets to see Bob Goff at a church here in Birmingham. If you don’t know Bob Goff, he’s the author of the books Love Does and Everybody Always (plus his wife has a book called Love Lives Here). I loved all of those books and was excited to have the chance to hear him speak. He was so energetic and funny throughout the talk but more notable is the fact that he was greeting people as they came in and took the time to take photos, sign copies of his book, and ask the people going up to him to tell him something about themselves. For being a celebrity of sorts, he is about as down to Earth as they come. The event ended a little before 8:00, and from there I went home and got in bed early! 

Friday morning felt like such a treat since I slept in until 6:20 and still had plenty of time to get ready and go to Starbucks to work through some blog emails. Once I got to work, I read through some copy for upcoming issues and wrote and scheduled social media posts. One of the stylists had some returns to make, so I helped her with those before it was time to head home. I ran some errands before making myself lunch and hanging out. At 3:30 Nell and I headed to a True40 class which felt like a great way to kick off the weekend. After we went to Taco Mama in Crestline, where a few of our friends met us for dinner. I went home and showered and quickly got ready to head to a friend’s house to hang out before a group of our friends went to a concert for a band a few of the guys had friends in. The venue was not what I was expecting, but the music was good, and it was all around pretty fun. After the concert ended, we headed to Moe’s for about an hour before calling it a night. 

I slept in a little bit on Saturday morning and took it easy until Macy and I went for a walk around 11:00. The good weather we had been having had heated back up, unfortunately, but my fingers are crossed that the next time we go for a Saturday morning walk, it’ll be a bit crisper out. I showered before some friends showed up at our house to lazily watch the Alabama game from our couch. Eventually, my roommate and I got ready so that we could meet Macy for a late lunch at Carrigan’s before going to Back Forty to watch the Auburn game with some friends. While there we planned a last-minute dinner and game watching gathering at Macy’s house where we watched the Georgia game and hung out the rest of the night. I got home around midnight and was so ready for bed!

I woke up around 8:30 on Sunday, which gave me plenty of time to do a couple of loads of laundry, make pumpkin bread, and go to the store before heading to church around 10:30. Nell came over after church was over to help with a few blog photos. Once she left, I had some other photos I needed to shoot before heading to an “influencer” class True40 hosted that afternoon. I am so excited to have recently become an ambassador for the studio (more on that to come later), so it was fun to be able to go to this class as well with other creatives in Birmingham. There were goodie bags, a DJ, and wine and cheese once we completed our workout! I left the studio around 5:30 and talked on the phone with my mom as I headed home. Once there, I quickly showered and changed to go to the State Fair with my friend Mary. I wanted to go so badly last year but couldn’t convince any of my friends, so I was overly excited when Mary said she wanted to go. I could not stop smiling the whole time taking it in and definitely felt like a little kid. We got to watch an elephant and acrobat show, eat funnel cake, and ride rides. What could be a better way to end a really fun weekend? 



This weekend kicks off some of my fall travel plans, and I’m excited that it involves seeing my parents and our dog Scout! Fingers crossed that having plans doesn’t make this week go by too slowly.

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