Monday, September 30, 2019

Step Into My Week 9.30

I hope that the last day of September is treating you well! I now have the song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” stuck in my head thinking about the end of the month which is a little obnoxious but also kind of funny. This past week wasn’t quite as busy as the week prior, although it did come with its fair share of activities. 

I started my week feeling kind of unprepared considering I hadn’t meal prepped or done all of my typical Sunday tasks to prepare for the week ahead. This wasn’t all bad, but it did make me appreciate getting these things done ahead of time not to have to worry about them as the week kicks off. At work, I spent my day emailing, working on following up with companies we work with, creating invoices, and more. At lunch, I left the office since I hadn’t made anything to eat over the weekend and came back afterward to do the same sort of tasks. After work, I went to the Y and did a 40-minute bike ride before heading to Publix to get some chicken and Brussel sprouts to cook and have on hand during the week. I preheated the oven, showered, cooked (and ate), and then got in bed and submitted some sponsored blog work before turning out the lights and going to bed. 

Tuesday morning, I did not want to get out of bed and opted to hit snooze and spend minimal time getting ready. Once I got to the office, I was prepared to hit the ground running, knowing that I only had short periods of time to get tasks done between the three meetings I had throughout the day. When I was at my desk, I was able to get through some invoices, social scheduling, and emails. I was so excited come 5:00 since I had plans to meet my friend Kate for dinner at 5:30 at Real & Rosemary in Homewood. We ended up staying there catching up until 8:30 and made a pack to see each other more often now that we’re in the same city again! Once I got home, I made a cup of tea, tidied up my room, and did a bit of work while watching Gilmore Girls in bed. 

Wednesday felt like a very normal day which made it the perfect day to vlog (per y’alls request). I worked on social posts in the morning along with some copy for upcoming issues. The weather was nice enough to sit outside on our deck to work for a bit before helping one of our stylists prepare for a shoot we had the following day. I wrote out social captions, created graphics, and had to run to a store we work with locally to pick up a couple of items for our shoot on Friday. Wednesday night I usually have bible study, but I ended up missing it due to a few friends planning for us to all play doubles tennis that night. Since that was the only night that worked for all of them, I felt bad canceling and wished there were enough hours in the day to do both. I went home and changed quickly before meeting Macy and two friends at the tennis court to play. We ended up playing from 6:15 til past 8:00 and refueled with Taco Mama after. Once I got home, I showered and got in bed.

I knew I was going to be out of the office all day on Thursday for a poolside shoot, so I got to come to work in workout clothes which was pretty nice. I got to the shoot around 8:00, and we began to set up. I spent about 20 minutes of the day holding an oversized umbrella to get it out of the way of the shot but still have the lighting just right. Despite it being very hot, we were able to wrap the shoot around 3:00. I took the van and all of the props back to the office to unload, and my boss told me to take the rest of the afternoon for myself since we were all gross and hadn’t taken a lunch. This made it so that I was able to go to an earlier true40 class than I had originally scheduled, which meant I was able to go with Nell. It was a great class, and I was excited to be home and showered before 6:30. I spent the evening getting some work done before ultimately getting in bed to watch Gilmore Girls.


Friday morning, I slept in until 6:15 and woke up very well rested. I got ready and was at Starbucks for my typical Friday morning coffee and blog work session by 7:10. I got to work at 8:00 and read through some copy that had been sent to me, worked on one of my pieces for an upcoming issue, and squared away some social posts for the weekend. Noon arrived quickly, and from work, I went to get my car an oil change and run and grab some snacks from Trader Joe’s that my parents had requested. I got some things done at home before going with Nell to a Beyonce themed true40 class at 4:00. We got dinner at Jack Brown’s after that which was nice since I felt like I hadn’t really caught up with her over the week and we got to try someplace new. I went home and showered and got roped into going over to a friend’s house to hang out with a few of our other friends that were over there that night. We all ended up chatting and catching up there for a while before we were ultimately convinced to go out for a little while before coming back, making some snacks, and then heading home. 

The next morning I had to be up bright and early (given the time I went to bed) to pack and head about an hour away to see my parents at the cabin they had rented for the weekend. I got to them around 11:15, and we spent most of the day hanging out and enjoying being in the woods. I did take a three-hour nap that afternoon which was lovely, and we took Scout for a sunset walk and caught a great view from the highest point in Alabama. We made dinner in and were all reading in bed by 8:30.


I slept in a little bit on Sunday, and my mom and I made cinnamon rolls and took Scout on a walk before we had planned to catch my dad at the finish line of the bike race he was doing. We still had about an hour and a half to kill before that would take place, and I had a blog project that had to get done that afternoon, so I ended up bailing early which I felt guilty about but was the right choice given how my afternoon went. I drove back and got all the supplies for that shoot and started setting it up before showering and unpacking. My friends who had agreed to help me with it came over around 6:00, and we were able to knock it out relatively quickly. As a thank you, we went to dinner at Five afterward, and I was in my pajamas and in bed by 8:45. 

I hope y’all had a week mixed with as much fun and productivity too! I think this week will be a little bit calmer on the social side, which will hopefully mean that I can get a lot done at work and after work on blog-related tasks! 

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