Monday, December 4, 2017

Step Into My Week

Good morning, friends! If you were looking for a countdown, I currently have 12 and a half days school days before I am officially on Christmas Break. While I am so excited to head home again I definitely feel like there is a lot to get accomplished before actually making my way. 

This past week felt so long since I was adjusting from being on vacation and getting back in the swing of a full school week. In years past, December has always been a busy month, and although I know that will be the case this year I am aiming to take some time to step away from work (both teaching and blogging) to enjoy the season. Part of the reason this week felt so long was due to the fact that I had meetings pretty much every day after school. With meetings already on Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week I'm hoping to be able to get home at semi normal times the other days. Fortunately, let week I was super good about working out (barre and running) so fingers crossed that trend continues this week as well. 

cape (old) // white shirt // pants // booties // watch

dress (so incredibly soft) // shoes

sweater (old from J.Crew factory) // pants // flats

Friday I was thrilled since it was the first day of advent. Each morning I get ready and hop back in bed for a bit of quiet time before getting dressed and heading to school. Back in October I purchased All Good Things Collective's Advent Devotional and was so excited for it to start. I turned on the Christmas lights in my room and enjoyed a cup of coffee while starting it. That's where the calmness of my day ended. There was crazy dense fog during my drive to school and I ended up getting rear ended which was less than ideal. Fortunately everything is fine but it put a damper on my day. That coupled with some school stuff made me especially thankful it was nearly the weekend. Once I left school I went to Starbucks to get blog work done and spent a bit of time with my friends Chandler and Porter. Sophia and I had a much needed girls night complete with Chick-fil-A, mimosas, matching Christmas pajamas, movies, and snacks to wind down from the week. I am always so glad that I have friends in my same profession that I can vent to that understand exactly what I'm frustrated with. 

Saturday I slept in a little bit and enjoyed the fact that the weather outside seemed especially winter-esque. I went to a coffee shop I love, the Village Grind, and enjoyed a large cup of coffee while doing some more work. I had a realization (that was not unfamiliar to ones I've had before) that I know I will look back on their year (especially the holiday season) and think about how on Earth I managed to juggle so many things. While this sounds a bit full of it, balancing teaching, blogging,  and being a grad student has been a true test of time management. Like I mentioned, I am trying to be better about turning off the responsibilities on all domains at some point each weekend. This weekend I did that by celebrating the holiday season with friends. We had been talking about having a night to reward ourselves for making it this far with teaching and did so by getting dressed up, treating ourselves to a nice dinner at a newer restaurant in Greenville, Jianna, and seeing the Nutcracker before heading to a new bar. It was exactly what we all needed.

Sunday was spent working on Furman assignments and preparing for another full school week. I'm glad that I have some fun plans for next weekend (that I can't wait to share with y'all) to look forward to throughout this week. Sophia and I are going somewhere as a blog adventure and I know it will lead to some posts that y'all will enjoy. It's an opportunity that will introduce a new facet to Prep In Your Step that I've been interested to for a while. It did mean that if I were going to keep up with all these new fun blog posts that I have a bit more work to get accomplished this week, but I know it will be so worth it. 
I hope that y'all had a great week and weekend and have also been able to take some time away from your responsibilities to relax. We all need it during this time of the year! 

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