Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Girls + Small Gifts That Will Arrive in Time for Christmas

I am in disbelief that Christmas is on Monday. This year especially I feel like it is really creeping up on me. With school not getting out until Wednesday I am doing my best to get into the holiday spirit without the free time of the post exam week before Christmas. I know that there are many of you that are feeling that same pressure as well. Hopefully you’ve been able to find time to finish up your shopping for larger gifts (if not this post from last week will be super helpful) and just have those finishing touches to shop for.

Stockings are something that have a tendency to take the back burner since they tend to be best shopped for in person. For those of you that may not have the time or energy to stop by a number of different stores and brave the crowds to get those last-minute stocking stuffers I’ve come up with a number of items any girl would more than likely love to receive in their stocking that can all be purchased on Amazon using Amazon Prime. Stockings are never something that tend to take up a big part of the Christmas budget, but even with that mindset filling them with items used frequently that aren't that fun to buy is the perfect way to keep them affordable and practical (since let's be real we've all gotten stocking stuffers that wind up in the trash since we aren't sure what we were supposed to do with the item in the first place). 

Last year my dad did all of our families Christmas shopping on Amazon Prime. I’m almost positive that only one or two gifts were ordered somewhere else and that was only because he couldn’t find a specific item (or something similar) on Amazon Prime. This year I made it a point to ask whether or not our lists needed to come entirely from items that could be purchased via Amazon prime or if other online retailers would suffice. Fortunately, we were not limited to Amazon prime this year and can instead save that for the last minute items needed. I have linked all of the items seen above using Amazon prime to help you out if you're struggling to get it all done. Some of my favorite places to go in person to shop for stocking stuffers would definitely have to include Target, Sephora or Ulta, and Anthropologie.

So what would I really LOVE to find in my stocking? A new container of my favorite  nail polish remover, a new container of my favorite  top coat, some  no crease hair ties because I have 0 left (which is why those didn't make it into the image), and  kids RX bars in chocolate chip. I don't feel like I should get much say in what is put into my stocking but I know that sometimes my santa checks Prep In Your Step and *really* loves Amazon prime so some pointers probably wouldn't be the worst idea. Another great thing to throw in? A Starbucks gift card but I may be testing my luck at this point.

Best of luck to everyone finishing up their Christmas shopping! I finally picked up and wrapped my last gift last night and it feels good to be done. I had to laugh when my mom asked if I would need to be wrapping presents when I got home because after finally figuring out what to get people there is no way I'd drive home with them unwrapped providing the potential for them to be seen by my family before the big day. I'm hoping that if you're not at the same point this post will help you to finish up in time! Also if you're looking for a $10ish gift for your co-workers I decided to get them my favorite detergent,  Glamorous Wash in the Diva Scent, and my  favorite lip balm. Hopefully come Wednesday when they open it they understand why these are two of my favorite things!

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