Saturday, December 30, 2017

Favorite Outfits of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close in the next couple of days I've been doing a lot of reviewing of the past year in terms of blogging. If you didn't catch my post yesterday that shared my favorite posts I wrote during 2017 definitely check that out. But, I also wanted to take the time to separately share my favorite outfit posts from the past year as well. I have always been interested in styles and design, and I used to sketch outfit designs when I was younger at our beach house. I think somewhere in my closet there are still notebooks of those drawings, and while I'm not an artist it's funny to think of how now as an "adult" I still enjoy the same sort of thing. 

Outfit posts have been such a fun way for me to share clothing finds I've made while expressing my personal style. I also have to admit they are super handy to have and include to break up the more text heavy posts that are typically more time consuming. It's so funny to look through the survey I included in yesterday's post to see different people's opinion of outfit posts. Based on the responses so far y'all really seem to love them and find them helpful when creating your own outfits (although one or two have said they don't), and I look forward to continuing to include them in the year to come! If you prefer a different style or aren't a fan of the way I dress I understand that as well, and hope that you'll find plenty of other entertaining posts throughout each week. 

If you see any pieces you're hoping to add to your own wardrobe I was sure to link to the original blog post that contains links to what I'm wearing below each of the photos. Do keep in mind that these are outfit posts from the entire year however, and some of the items featured may no longer be in stock. 

pale blue peplum


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