Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My Go-To Winter Sweater

Maybe it's just me, but there is something about cold weather before Christmas that I can really get behind. For the most part I don't mind cold weather, but mind you that is coming from a girl who has lived in the South all her life so winter weather is relatively mild. Until this year, I never had to necessarily look nice all the time in colder weather so my positive attitude towards cold weather could just be that it still feels fun and new to me. I suppose time will tell...

If there is one thing I've realized when getting dressed for chillier days it's that the comfier my sweaters are the better. At the end of last week one of my students commented that all of my sweaters looked like I was curled up in a big blanket all week and I can't say they were wrong. I also was not surprised when the comment came on the day that I was wearing  this incredibly soft poncho. This is a piece so good that I unashamedly have it in two colors, white and grey. After getting it in grey a few years back I've been hoping that it would come back eventually in other colors. As luck would have it, this poncho now comes in  white and  black although I haven't seen it in grey recently. 

During my weekend excursion to Athens I wasn't fully expecting it to be so cold (granted I left Greenville while it was snowing so I should've made this connection) and was so glad to have this on hand. While I typically pair it with a piko top underneath I layered another white neck sweater under this poncho for added warmth. While I prefer to push the sleeves of what I wear underneath up due to how soft the material is, I am so glad that I was able to layer closet basics together for some added warmth. Since the  poncho is one size fits all and makes a statement on its own I opted to throw on my  favorite pair of jeans and my  riding boots that may be on their last leg until they get re-soled for the perfect winter ensemble. I'm going to have to come up with ways to get creative with my outfits that include this poncho since I want to reach for it all the time. Maybe by switching out my earrings from  hoops to something else on occasion I'll be able to have everyone fooled...

poncho // jeans // boots //  hoops // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 )

It's supposed to stay cold in Greenville this week so you can pretty much guarantee that I'll be wearing either my white or my grey poncho at some point this week. As Christmas is approaching I want to hear y'alls take, who are you still shopping for? I am hoping to finish up gift guides by the end of this week so that you're able to ensure delivery by Christmas but would love some insight on who you're having the most trouble with. Expect some exciting new gift guides soon, but until then be sure to scroll through the "gifts" label for lots of inspiration for various recipients!

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