Monday, December 18, 2017

Step Into My Week

Anyone else attempt to take it easy this weekend? I honestly think that I spent most of the weekend in pajamas or comfy clothes and am certainly not complaining about that. While I always go to bed on Sunday wishing I had gotten so much more done, this weekend was one where I needed to refuel and get some rest. So, while all the errands I wanted to run weren't quite finished and my email inbox and drafted blog posts have less progress than anticipated it was nice to take a tiny bit of a breather after a hectic last week and a hectic week to come. 

If you're curious as to what it is like as a teacher as the holidays approach only one word comes to mind, crazy. The kids are getting to the point where they are forgetting the rules, acting out, and somehow getting more and more energy throughout the day. I went home most days last week wiped out and in need of some of their energy for myself. Fortunately, I was still able to make it to barre a couple of times and made sure to work in some earlier bed times to better prepare me for each day (if that's even possible). I have had a sore throat/congestion since Thursday of last week so I was very thankful the weekend came when it did because that coupled with the chaos starting to occur in the classroom may have been too much to deal with. 

When it came to getting dressed for school this past week grey and vests must have been on my mind. I was all for comfort to beat the cold weather and survive the day and am pretty sure comfort was achieved every single day. Starting on Thursday, we were told we are allowed to wear jeans until school gets out which is really exciting. It's amazing how much easier that makes getting dressed in the morning. 

sweater // vest // scarf (similar) // pants // slip on shoes 

poncho // jeans // booties // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 )

Friday after school I went straight to Starbucks in an attempt to get some work done before heading home. At that point I really wasn't feeling well and was starting to get hungry so I came back to my apartment around 7:30 and made dinner, put on my pajamas, and watched Home Alone with one of my roommates. I was falling asleep on the couch at 9:30 so I decided to turn in for an early bed time which was much needed. Saturday was spent running errands and hanging around aside from going to Tandem to exchange Christmas presents with Sophia. She gave me two things I've had my eye on and am so excited to now own! 

Sunday I went to lunch with a friend and finally finished my Christmas shopping before picking up the last of the supplies we need for our classroom party on Tuesday. I was definitely feeling ready to go home and a bit jealous of my brother who is already there with my parents. While it's nice that teachers get a long break it really doesn't fee like it's going to be very long since it is still much shorter than the amount of time we had off in college. I'm excited to get home and be with my family, see my friends, and get to play with the puppy my parents are getting! 

Keep your fingers crossed that I make it through the craziness of these next few days and I'll be sure to do the same for you! 

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