Monday, December 11, 2017

Step Into My Week

Good morning! I'm writing this Sunday night so that may be a bit more optimistic for a Monday. It's hard to explain but I currently have so much I want to be doing for the blog but am so tired after an eventful weekend that I'm looking at my planner trying to figure out when it's all going to get done. From gift guides to advice posts to prepping for the holidays in general there is so much to be done but never enough time. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way and I really hate feeling guilt for not getting things done when I've genuinely enjoyed my weekend. Instead of dwelling on the lengthy to-do list I have with 8.5 school days left before break I hope that by completing this post I'll be able to fill you in on the fun while reminding myself that it is a-ok to not feel like I've got it all together. Meanwhile my roommates are convinced I have pink eye (I must admit my eyes are a little red) so I'm attempting to go to sleep "early" as well. 

As for the actual week I honestly can't remember much of what happened which sounds awful, I know. Monday was definitely a tough day with some behavior issues and being told last minute that I had a required meeting to attend at 6 followed by my kiddos chorus concert. While i was so glad to be able to stay and watch the children in my class perform, working over 12 hours when you hadn't anticipated that isn't easy. I really have been trying to get better about leaving school at a normal time and that kind of felt like we were taking a step backward. With class on Tuesday night and a meeting after school on Wednesday there was little time to myself and progress made toward getting home at a decent hour. Fortunately, behavior wise, the rest of the week was much better than last Monday. I know that I don't share a ton about teaching in blog posts and am working to find a balance of sharing some things with those of you that are interested in the topic while still maintaining the fact that PIYS serves as my outlet from teaching and being a grad student. Eventually I'll figure that out but for now hopefully a glimpse into it during Step Into My Week posts works.  Also, despite being at school for so long on Monday I completely forgot to take a picture of my outfit but the other four days I remembered! 

green cape (obsessed) // pants // booties // earrings // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 )

tunic (old) // leggings // jacket // boots // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 )

sweater (similar) // pants // booties 

poncho (own in grey and white and it's the best) // pants // boots // watch

Friday was a bit crazy. Greenville had snow in the forecast and the flurries began after I brought the kids in from lunch. If you're ever looking for a way to have kids lose focus then just mention snow. I bribed them with playing outside if they could finish a quiz silently without turning around and shockingly it worked. It was fun to see their excitement and I would have felt so guilty had I not let them enjoy it. Once it started to stick we were informed that the district was implementing an early dismissal which made Friday afternoon a mad house. I was glad to get to leave a bit earlier since I haven't had to deal with driving in the snow much and it gave me an earlier start to my Friday afternoon Starbucks blogging and grading session which is starting to become a weekly thing. 

I did want to share how incredible the tree in the atrium of our school is because every detail was so thoughtfully done. From the paper chain with subjects written on them to the crayola products and letters to Santa it is hard not to smile when walking in the building. Hopefully it will also be sufficient enough for the holidays since my kids keep asking me when I'm going to put a tree in our room and decorate for the holidays...

I was shocked by how much snow kept falling on Friday night and was shocked to wake up with huge flurries on Saturday morning. Fortunately, the snow wasn't affecting the roads and didn't ruin the plans I had to head out of town to Athens, Georgia. While you'll be hearing more about the spectacular time my friend Sophia and I had at the Graduate Athens next week I couldn't help but share some pictures of what we were up to! For starters, we packed way too much for a 24 hour trip, but because of that were able to get a ton of fun content shot to be shared on the blog throughout this month. I recently got some new travel accessories from Marley Lilly and am all about how perfectly they match one another! 

All of these would make such perfect gifts! 

 We stopped by the hotel before grabbing brunch at Mamas Boy and couldn't get over how cute the exterior was. Little did we know how obsessed we would become with all of the details inside our room after devouring a cinnamon roll the side of our heads coupled with other delicious breakfast classics and even more coffee. You'll see a taste of those details here but it only gets so much better so you'll have to hold your excitement for a bit. 

While we definitely did a lot of work on our quick trip we also got to explore Athens and enjoy time together away from our classroom and our role as students in grad school. I even got to see my friend, Macy, who first introduced me to Athens after spending two of her parents weekends during her time at UGA exploring with her parents and sister. So convenient that she happened to be in town and I'm definitely thankful for another excuse to come to the town she first played tour guide of. 


It was so chilly yesterday that we really embraced bundling up and relying on more coffee to keep us warm. We explored even more shops in Athens and fell in love with the small town vibe coupled with a college campus in the heart of downtown. Currently looking for another excuse to visit! 

My souvenir from the trip (aside from lots of quality time and a very full stomach after eating the most delicious meals) was wrapping paper from the cutest stationary store, Archer Paper. Now I just need the presents I've gotten around to ordering to come in so that underneath our tree doesn't look so bare. 

On me: hat // jacket // vest // scarf
On Sopia: hat // hoops // jacket // scarf

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I hope that y'all have a productive Monday and aren't feeling too overwhelmed by all the business that the holiday season can bring! As always, I'd love to hear what you've been up to.

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