Friday, December 8, 2017

Gift Guide: Hostess & In-Laws

Happy Friday! This post isn't as timely as usual, but with so many people struggling to figure out what to get their in-laws I figured it needed to be good. It made me laugh when I had y'all request gift guides and so many of you asked for this. While I know you need ideas more than anything I am probably the least experienced person when it comes to gifting in-laws. Alas, I still feel like I was able to come up with a good number of presents that would work perfectly for both in-laws as well as the hostess of any holiday soirees you may be attending. 

A fun little treat for you today is that I have a discount code to one of the best sites to shop for perfect gifts. See the pretty angel print above? It's by one of my favorite artists here in Greenville, Marquin. She has a website full of awesome art and pieces that would make great gifts and I have a way for you to receive 20% off until this Sunday at midnight. If you use the code "Dorothy" you'll receive 20% off your order. Go ahead and stock up for all those people on your list with this deal!

I hope y'all are looking forward to a wonderful weekend. I am loving the snow, but am hoping it doesn't affect the roads too much since I have an adventure planned tomorrow that I've been looking forward to for well over a month now! 

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