Friday, September 30, 2016

Apartment Tour Week: Living Room

Happy Friday! I am so thrilled that it is finally Friday since today kicks off parent's weekend and I am so excited to spend the weekend in Greenville with my parents. This week went by slow but all day yesterday I kept thinking it was Wednesday, so weird! I hope y'all were equally as excited for today because of the blog post it holds! I am ecstatic to be sharing photos of my apartment's living room with y'all and hope you've enjoyed seeing various rooms in my apartment all week. My roommates and I were joking that this will be the perfect place for us to come back to to show friends and family where we've lived. I will say however, that it was kind of difficult to get pictures that convey what the set up is really like since I couldn't get everything in a single photo. If y'all would like I could try to film a video tour of the living room but only if you're interested! For now enjoy the numerous (sorry about that...) photos of our favorite communal space. 




rug c/o // couch covers // side couch // painting // curtains // tv stand // lamp // speckled cloth bin c/o // spotted cloth bin c/o // turquoise greek key pillow c/o // striped pillow c/o  // pink and orange dot pillow c/o // tassel pillows (I made those but have linked our inspiration) // long body pillow fabric (again, sewed this onto a body pillow purchased from target) // turquoise storage cube // coffee table book // candle // sign // tassel garland // J206 pennants // turquoise blanket c/o // TV

One of the best parts about living in an on campus apartment here at Furman is that some of our furniture is supplied. The living room comes with a couch and a chair so you don't completely have to start from scratch and you also don't have to somehow convince guy friends to carry heavy furniture to your second floor apartment. Because it would be pretty bare and dreary with the purple couch and chair and maroon carpet (ew) we chose to brighten our space up with a surplus of colors making it pretty girly. Nell had the coffee table and side table from her apartment last year and I had some couch covers to cover the horrendous purple shade that the seats were originally but from there is was time to get creative. 

Annie Selke's Pine Cone Hill had reached out to me about sprucing up our space and my roommates and I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Our first design choice was the rug. We wanted something large that wouldn't show dirt (let's be real college students don't vacuum daily) but would add interest to the room. This fair isle pink/fuchsia rug completely fit the bill and from there we worked to find ways to mix the pinks and oranges evident in it with the cute mint tables we already had. Pillows were an obvious choice for us to do this with. After purchasing an additional couch from Ikea we found this pink and white striped pillow from Annie Selke's Pine Cone Hill  and added two other pillows we already had to either side of the couch. To add some color to our chair as well we thought the pink and orange thumbprint pillow would help to consolidate our color scheme as well. Since this space is very well utilized we tried to think of creative ways to make the most of even the smallest spots in this space and came across Annie Selke's storage bins which looked perfect with the pieces we already had. With two different sizes we decided on a speckled and polka dotted bin to use on either side of our couch to hold remotes, directions, and other items of that nature that you don't feel like looking at but also don't feel like getting up to get once you're comfy on the couch. 

The main pieces to tie our color scheme together were our painting above the couch and the fabric we chose for our long body pillow. Purchased separately, these two things couldn't look like they went together more. I love the size and abstract nature of the painting and that even with a majority of pink and oranges used the turquoise brush strokes make all of our pieces look so intentionally put together. Covering a body pillow in interesting fabric is one of my best suggestions when trying to decorate on a budget. A body pillow takes up a lot of room on a couch and we often find ourselves reaching for it when watching movies or taking a cat nap on the couch. It's much cheaper to make one long pillow than to purchase multiple smaller ones. After pinning stuff to a board all summer long Nell and I kept coming back to the cutest tassel pillows. Since I love a craft project I decided it would be just as easy to make them and save us some money too! While I originally wanted to put 16 tassels on each of those pillows I decided for the sake of time 4 looked equally as cute. Our last step was the curtains and we found these cute pom pom ones for a good price and decided to give them a go. While at first I was nervous that they didn't look like much of anything I definitely think they make the room feel more complete and homey. 

If you're ever curious about where I am studying or watching a movie with friends you can pretty much bet it is in our living room. Although it took a little while for it to fully come together I think having a space where everyone feels comfortable and is happy with the decor is a great way to encourage late night roommate bonding even if it is while simultaneously doing homework or recapping each other on how we spent our Saturday night! 

If you see anything that I may not have linked feel free to ask about those items in the comments! And if you haven't seen other parts of our apartment be sure to check out those posts as well! 


  1. Your living room is so cute I love it!
    Xo, Kelsey

  2. This is absolutely adorable! I would LOVE to see a video tour of this space and your room.
    xoxo, sarah

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  4. I am in LOVE with the coffee table!! Where is that from!?

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