Monday, October 17, 2016

Step Into My Week

It's so funny to me that these are some of y'alls favorite posts to read. For me, they are always ones that I don't look forward to as much since they don't require much creativity and since I've lived through the events. I do however, love that y'all love these and enjoy clicking back through past Step Into My Weeks I've done to recall what I had going on at a given time and reliving the memories. It's been a while since my last Step Into My Week and I apologize for that. 

The past two weeks have brought a lot of content and a bit of business. Two weeks ago the weather officially started to feel like fall and that whole week I felt super content exactly where I was. I felt so happy and nostalgic all at once and I think the changing season made me realize just how fast senior year is going by. I've been so much better this year at stressing less, sleeping more, and enjoying the moment and I couldn't be more content. I hope y'all are feeling the same way since the start of fall. In the same regard I know that this is when school stuff really picks up. Last week I had a number of midterms, hosted a visit from National Kappa Delta, and prepared to head home for fall break. Fortunately before that kicked off (it ends tomorrow) Nell and I shot a ton of outfit photos that will be headed to a computer screen near you soon which is very exciting since I adore layering fall pieces and recreating various looks. 

Here is what I've been up to since the last update...

There have been a few themed parties and football games which are certainly a nice break from studying and being productive.


Family weekend happened and it was so nice to have my parents in town. I am so thankful that Furman makes this weekend a big deal regardless of which year you are. We enjoyed KD's family weekend cocktail and tailgate, a lot of good food, and a little bit of football. I ended up getting sick that weekend so it was nice to have my parents in town in that regard as well. 

And since I've been all about embracing fall there may have even been an adventure to Pumpkintown for their pumpkin festival. 

I hope y'alls past couple weeks have put you in the same place of contentment and productivity! I am so happy to be back! 


  1. I've missed seeing your posts, Dorothy! Looks like you've had such a fun past few weeks!


  2. I've missed you! You and your parents are perfect and pumpkin town looks so fun!!

  3. I absolutely love these post!!! Please keep them coming!!

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