Sunday, September 11, 2016

Painting With Megan Carn at Vino and Van Gogh

As you may have seen in Friday's Step Into My Week post I took a painting class this past week at a studio called Vino and Van Gogh here in Greenville. I've been wanting to do a class of this kind for a while now and was so excited to be able to do it with an artist I already loved. Marquin, the owner of Vino and Van Gogh and a wonderful artist herself, hosted Megan Carn on Wednesday night to teach us her techniques and paint flamingos with friends. 

Since I only briefly elaborated on the class in my Step Into My Week post I found it to be fitting to share a better look at the colorful class, paintings, and studio! Like I mentioned, Vino and Van Gogh hosts classes (for both kids and adults) that provide a unique painting experience that is fun, fresh, and simple and the best part is that you get to take home what you paint! The artists provide instruction however, you're able to take your own creative take on the class customizing colors and various design elements. 

Megan Carn taught the class I attended where we painted bright and spunky flamingos. Three of my friends and I attended together and thought the flamingos were the perfect subject since our sorority has a function called KD Flamingo Flock. I have been drawn in by Megan's bright paintings for years and was so thrilled to have the chance to meet and paint with her while gushing over all of her work displayed around the studio. We were all pleased with our paintings final results and it was fun to see just how different they turned out due to design decisions we made along the way.  

If you're in or near the Greenville, SC area and are looking for a fun girls night or stress relief I can not recommend a Vino and Van Gogh class more! We all found it to be so therapeutic and I know I'll be watching the studios calendar to determine when I can go back next! 


  1. Your painting looks amazing! If only I lived near Greenville because I would take a class!

    XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson

  2. How cute is that flamingo!
    XO, Kate

  3. How cute is that flamingo!
    XO, Kate


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