Saturday, September 3, 2016

Step Into My Week

Happy Saturday! Although I don't have any big plans for this long weekend I am appreciating the extra day and down time I have here at school. Since I left y'all off with what I've been up to since last Sunday I'll try to bring you up to date with other things I've been up to this week. 

Sundays are always pretty laid back at school. With homework to complete and chapter to prepare for  the day flies by. Nell and I went to barre 3 at 2:00 and then came back and I got ready for chapter and called my parents. The first chapter of the semester is always formal (meaning you have to dress up, wear your pin, and go through specific ritual things) however, for the seniors it is tradition to wear pajamas for this chapter. I will be the first to admit that I don't feel like I have much authority in my pajamas and the snapchats I occasionally get during chapter don't help that as my friends often add funny stickers to those. 


The school days this week were definitely spent acclimating to classes and getting back into a routine which has been nice but I've also had a lot of meetings thrown into the mix. It will be nice when those become less frequent but it's nice to know that those meetings and conversations help to establish a vision for our chapter and for greek life as a whole at Furman (I'd love to know if any Furman girls read these posts, let me know)! I went to barre a number of times this week and am so glad to get back into a barre 3 routine as well. If you have a studio near you I would highly recommend you try out a class or two. Running and barre classes are my favorite stress relievers at school! Speaking of school I swear Furman has had some of its best sunsets ever lately. If you've ever seen our campus then you probably know it can completely sell you on the school on a normal day but add a vivd purple sunset and you'll be saying "go dins" before you know it! 

I hope that any of y'all that may be affected by Hermine are safe and not dealing with too much debris. Greenville got a little bit of rain from it Friday morning and has brought the temperature down significantly which I've absolutely adored. Not to wish away the current season but wow do I love the cooler temperatures that come with fall. 

Lastly, I had a number of fun posts go live this week including two fun outfit posts featuring some great pieces from H&M. If you missed those you can find them here or under my outfits label on the sidebar! 


If y'all want to watch a fun video this weekend be sure to check out my vlog that I made from my trip to Atlanta for the Dixie Chicks Concert a few weekends ago! 

What are y'all up to for Labor Day Weekend? If shopping sales is on your agenda then be sure to check back on Monday for some of the best deals offered! 


  1. I loved seeing your vlog, and that picture of Furman is gorgeous!

    My Life as Alyson

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