Monday, September 26, 2016

Apartment Tour Week: Caroline's Room

Happy Monday! I am so relieved that this week is slightly less busy for me than most and that my parents are getting in town on Friday. While I love being at school I definitely miss spending time with them so I am pretty thrilled that they are headed my way for parent's weekend. Lets hope this week goes by quickly since I have something to look forward to but time never fully works in the way I want it to so I'll keep you updated on how that actually goes. In the meantime I'm creating my own excitement for each weekday by sharing different rooms in my apartment with y'all! After sharing our coffee cart with y'all on Thursday I couldn't help but get excited to share our space with you.

To give you a bit of an overview of what to expect this week, each day you'll be seeing a different bedroom (since I live with three other girls and then mine) and on Friday y'all will get to see our living room. I feel like this is perfect timing since I want my parents to see it in person first (although they have seen some pictures) but it'll actually turn out that y'all will see it on the same day as them. For those of you who may be new to the blog, I am a senior in college at Furman University in Greenville, SC where I am majoring in Elementary Education. At Furman, students are required to live on campus all four years with the first two years spent in dorms and the final two spent in on campus apartments. These apartments have two sides each with two bedrooms and a bathroom as well as a kitchen, living room, and balcony to connect them. I adore my apartment and the girls I live with and they are super supportive of my blog and were nice enough to allow me to play paparazzi in each of their rooms to share them with y'all. I will be trying to link as many of the pieces as possible that may still be available to purchase but keep in mind since these aren't my rooms I'm not positive where everything came from however if you really want to know something that I've forgotten be sure to ask in the comments and I'll ask them for you! 

This first room is Caroline's. Caroline was one of my first friends at Furman and we lived on the same hall freshman year. She and Nell share a side of our apartment and both  used a lot of Lilly in their space. As you'll see over the next few days we all arranged our rooms slightly differently but I love how Caroline's has plenty of floor space to move around in.


Lilly bedding and curtains (discontinued but originally from Garnet Hill) // desk chair // euro shams // white bedding  // rug

I hope y'all are as excited to see my apartment as I am to share it! 


  1. Ah this is super gorgeous.

  2. Love the bedding!! So adorable!


  3. How cute is this! I love monogrammed things, it's super girly. :)


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