Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Apartment Tour Week: Nell's Room

We are sitting at the top of the bell curve that is this week! I hope yours has been stress free and enjoyable, I know I am trying to power through until the weekend. The fact that it's Wednesday means it's time for room number three of my apartment! Today you'll be seeing photos of Nell's bedroom. Nell and I were freshman roommates so it has been really fun getting to bookend our experience at Furman as roommates. She is also the Tri Delt president at Furman so we deal with a lot of similar things and go to many of the same meetings considering I have the same role but for Kappa Delta. I am already trying to get her to commit to staying in Greenville with me next year but we will have to wait and see how that cookie crumbles. 

Nell lives on the same side of our apartment as Caroline meaning they share a bathroom. There is a lot of Lilly on their side which I know y'all just adore and I so wish that Garnett Hill hadn't discontinued their bedding collaboration with the brand.  The bedding is cute, colorful, and most of all durable since Nell has been using it since freshmen year. If you look super closely at Nell's bulletin board you'll probably be able to find an embarrassing photo or two of me and the top of her syllabus as my intern (ha).  The blues, greens, and yellows she used are soothing and something about her room feels like home since it is set up similar to mine (which you'll be seeing tomorrow).


Lilly bedding (discontinued but originally from Garnet Hill) // curtains // white ruffle bedding // tote on dresser // white fluffy rug // desk hutch // 

Yay for day three! I hope you'll be back tomorrow to see my room and Friday to see our living room! 


  1. I love Nell's bedding!! I have been absolutely loving seeing all the different rooms in your apartment this week!

    Ashley //

  2. I love the memory board with all the photos on it! I tried creating one in my apartment room but have yet to collect enough things to fill it. Love her room!


  3. Is she interning for your blog? I would love to do that.


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