Thursday, September 22, 2016

College Apartment Coffee Cart Styling

With the word apartment in this post I hope I am not teasing you too much when it comes to an overall reveal of my apartment living spaces but being the caffeine obsessed college student I am I couldn't help but set up my own little coffee station to sustain all of my coffee consumption needs. Think of this as your first look into my apartment which you'll be seeing a whole lot of next week (hope that makes you as excited as me)! 

Since our apartment kitchens don't have dishwashers much of the counter space is taken up by dish drying racks and our microwave making the available counter space prime real-estate. To avoid adding one more thing to that area last year I decided to purchase a small cart from ikea to hold our Keurig and coffee mugs. Not only does this fill up some floor space in the awkward area between the kitchen island and living room but it also has become a functional space that adds a little extra interest to the room. This year the area has become that much cuter just by adding brighter mugs with the cutest whimsical and clever designs.


If you've seen some of my other room tours or the gallery wall I've had in my room then you probably know that I adore all things Evelyn Hensen! As a Furman alumnae with so much talent who may even love color more than I do it is so easy to celebrate her successes through the addition of new prints and products of hers year after year. After acquiring so many of her precious and preppy prints I decided that in addition to getting a few of her new designs (released yesterday) on paper her mugs would be the perfect addition to our coffee cart and I couldn't have been more right! With a lot of white from the walls, keurig, and cart the pop of color these mugs give make the space a place where friends stop to look at just what each one says. Although I have loved all of her pieces this years fall and winter collection may just be my favorite and will surely have you filling your cart fast. 


Since a coffee cart is more than just the mugs on it I thought it would be fun to breakdown what other essentials we keep close at hand to easily grab coffee (or tea) on the go or prepare a more leisurely cup to enjoy on our couches. 

Keurig || An essential for any coffee cart or college student! We have a white Keurig 250 2.0 in our apartment and it is the perfect size for multiple girls looking to grab a cup on the way out the door. The water reservoir is large enough to make a few cups and the machines overall size is small enough to not take up too much space in a small dorm room either. I was particularly drawn to this model because of the colors offered and was so tempted to get a turquoise blue version but didn't want it to be too matchy with our coffee table (although that would've been ironic now that I think about it) or impractical in the future. 

K Cups || You may not be able to tell from the photos but this cart actually has a draw that slides out that is the perfect size to fit 50+ K-cups. While that sounds excessive I should probably keep to myself how many times we re-filed it last year... It is so satisfying to open it up and see all of the options and extra convenient that the k-cups don't have to take up space on a shelf or in our pantry! My personal favorite K Cups are Donut Shop and any of Starbucks varieties. I could go for another cup just thinking about them. 

Travel Mugs | Since I've always expressed my love of the mugs we have on display I thought I should also note that paper travel mugs have also been a hit and are easily accessible on our stand. I found ours at Target and love how cute they are and that after enjoying my coffee in class I can get rid of the mug and not have to think about keeping up with it all day as I would have to when using a regular travel mug. 


So far I am loving waking up with the choice of which fun mug to use and am in awe of all of the wonderful designs Evelyn offers. Little side story, I originally found Evelyn due to her drawings depicting various landmarks in different cities and the fact that she has started to put those illustrations has really allowed that to come full circle. What a perfect gift to give to a friend new in the area or moving elsewhere! 



I hope y'all enjoyed this look at our coffee cart and maybe found come inspiration from it. Even if you'd rather use it as a bar cart, this gives you an idea of how to make the space it takes up functional and festive as an extra interest piece in your own apartment!


  1. Can you link where the car itself is from?

  2. She has so many EH mugs, yet they are all so adorable!
    Southern Sassy and Classy

  3. Omg. This is literally so cute. I want to do something like it for my dorm, but on a smaller scale!

    Taylor Anthony //

  4. Adorable! Will you be doing a video tour of your apartment? Those are the funnest videos to watch!

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