Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Gift Guide: For The Fitness Lover

It feels like it should be Thursday or Friday to me. Anyone else feel that way? I’ll blame the fact that on Monday, it felt like it should have been at least Wednesday, so coupled with a busy week that I’m ready to get through, time seems to be passing by incredibly slowly. During busy weeks where I start to feel stressed, there’s usually one specific solution to help calm me down despite the challenge of working it into my schedule, and that’s going to a workout class. While I love going for walks, and they help some, I often find myself running through my mental to-do list and feeling more overwhelmed at the end of them. What I typically need is an hour-long workout class where the only thing I am supposed to do is listen to the instructor’s instruction of what exercise we are doing at a given moment.

I know going to the gym is an iffy situation right now, and I even recently canceled my membership to the Y since I hadn’t been since March and couldn’t foresee myself going back until after things go “back to normal.” I do feel fortunate to have true40 as a place to work out, given that they have cut the class sizes by half and are taking so many precautions to keep us all safe. Whether you’re going somewhere to work out or staying at home to do so, I have a feeling a lot more people have fitness-related gifts on their wish list this year if working out is something they enjoy or prioritize. For that reason, I put together today’s gift guide focused specifically on Christmas gifts to give someone who loves to workout. 

Naturally, I couldn’t help but put leggings and workout gear I found cute on this guide, but I was also sure to include resistance bands, yoga mats, and other equipment to better equip your home gym. I was particularly fascinated by this kettlebell that you can adjust the weight instead of having to buy multiple different weights; very cool! 

Before we get into all of these ideas, I wanted to take a moment to share all of the different guides I’ve already shared for other recipients this year. I’ve linked directly to them below to make shopping as easy as possible.

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You can shop the links under this image or scroll to the bottom of the page to shop using the clickable image. Hopefully, this makes holiday shopping even easier for you! 

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