Friday, December 18, 2020

The Best Books of 2020 to Give This Year

We’ve had a full calendar year of book posts from Phoebe, and that’s something to be pretty excited about! It has been equally as fun for me to enjoy her posts as hopefully it has been for y’all. After months of trying to get back into the swing of reading consistently, I am finally getting there. I’ve been listening to audiobooks through the Libby app (the free audiobook service that our library uses), which has definitely helped. With more time at home surrounding the holidays and craving longer breaks from screen time, I’m hoping to fill some of that time with the books I put on hold at the library. Judging from the post Phoebe put together for me to share here today, I’m about to need to put a few more books on hold! 


 Like the rest of the world, I’m in disbelief that it is the last month of 2020. There has been a lot of bad stuff this year, but a lot of the good in my life has come from books. Between what I get to do for work now, stories that have swept me far away from reality, and finding new authors who I cannot wait to continue to support! 

In my humble opinion, books make a great gift! I’ve also included some fun reading accessories for any readers in your life. I have more Gift Guides for the reader on my blog as well! 

10 Books to Give This Year 

A Promised Land by Barack Obama: For the political enthusiast 

A Very Punchable Face by Colin Jost: For the comedy lover 


I Want to be Where the Normal People Are by Rachel Bloome: For anyone who needs a laugh

The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett: For anyone who loves a story that pulls at their heartstrings


A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas: For the lover of romance and adventure 

The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker: For the romantic and newly brave 

One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London: For the Bachelor fans 

The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner: For the lover of classics and tea

Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender: For pure joy and young adults 

HRH by Elizabeth Holmes: For the royal watcher 

Subscription Services for audiobooks that is the same price as competitors but goes to the Independent Bookstore of your choice! Another great audiobook service depending on whether or not you have a library card is the Libby app. You can download it directly to your phone and put up to 14 books in your library and hold shelf at a time. 

Accessories for the Reader

Book darts: Sustainable, reusable, and much more aesthetically pleasing than post-its! 

Book weight: For hands-free reading! Perfect for those of us who like to use lunch breaks to get a few pages in. 

Booklight: This might be my favorite purchase of 2020! It has three settings for brightness. I also love this one to use in the bath. It’s waterproof and can float or fits perfectly on the side! 

Book marks: I used to be a dog-earer and now love collecting bookmarks with quotes from my favorite books and shows! These are fun Schitt’s Creek ones. 

David Rose // Simply the Best // Gilmore Girls // The Office

Book sleeves: Essentially a koozie for your book! Great for travel (when we can do that again) and to throw in your bag to protect your pages. These are my favorite that come in 3 sizes: Maxi for hardcovers, Midi for paperbacks, and Mini’s for e-readers! The quality is the best I’ve ever experienced! 

I hope these are helpful and perfect for the readers in your life! 

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