Thursday, December 17, 2020

Barrington Gift's St. Anne Tote and St. Charles Yacht Tote Comparison (and discount code)

 Although many shipping deadlines have already passed, many sites are doing really incredible sales to continue to encourage shopping. One of those sites is Barrington Gifts, which y’all are probably no stranger to me talking about if you’re a repeat blog visitor. 

Currently, on the Barrington Gifts’ site, there are last-minute gift selections that will arrive before Christmas, but the main deal is their 25% off code. While that probably sounds too good to be true, the one catch is that those items will arrive after Christmas. With many of Barrington’s products on the pricier side due to their incredible quality, using the code LATE25 will definitely help you save a significant amount on totes you’ll use non-stop. 

The tote you’ve probably seen me use the most around here is the St. Anne Tote that I have in a few different prints. My most used one is the Axis printed bag. The only customization I did on this tote was putting my initials on the leather patch. But they do have the zippered St. Anne in the axis print (non-customizable) available in their last-minute gifts section (not 25% off). My most recent addition to my Barrington Gifts obsession is the St. Charles Yacht Tote, which has been a game-changer when packing for road trips. In case you’re considering either of the bags, I wanted to go ahead and share a comparison of Barrington Gift’s St. Anne Tote and St. Charles Yacht Tote since while I love both, I tend to use them for different purposes. 

St. Anne Tote

The St. Anne Tote is my go-to tote bag for work or taking to coffee shops (when I used to go there to do some work). At this point, I think I have five different color variations that I love to swap out occasionally, depending on the season or what I’m wearing. There’s a large zipper pocket along the back interior of the bag that’s great for storing my computer charger and other items that I may not always need quick access to the inside of the bag. The front inside of the bag has three small pockets that are perfect for storing my AirPods, blue light glasses, pens, and other smaller items. The rest of the bag is completely open, which is nice for my planner, computer, and anything else I may want quick access to. 

I know some people have a strong preference towards structured or slouchy bags and I think not falling into either of those categories is another reason why I love these totes so much since they are the perfect in-between. The St. Anne Tote can stand up on its own but is still flexible enough not to feel stiff when wearing it. The strap on this tote bag is made of leather and is thinner than the strap on the larger St. Charles Yacht Tote (below). I find that the straps are really strong, which is nice when I am toting around my work laptop and personal laptop since I don’t have to worry about potentially overloading it

Because the St. Anne Tote is my daily bag, I find it important to be able to clean easily (especially now). Although the Axis print looks as though it’s fur, it’s actually a durable water-resistant printed on canvas, making it so easy to wipe down. All of the Barrington products I own, including my key card case and duffle bag, are made of this material, which is one of the reasons I always come back to Barrington products and find their price justifiable! 

This tote bag has completely changed my ability to pack for trips (aka drives home). I have more totes and duffels than I can count, but they all pale in comparison to this one. While it would be aggressive to take this as a tote for work, I did use it as my styling kit for a big shoot, I had a couple of weeks ago. 

For the most part, this has become my catch-all for toiletry bags, shoes, and last-minute additions needed when traveling by car. It fit all that, dirty clothes, and even my Weezie robe the last time I packed things up, and that’s saying a lot given that I am a chronic over-packer. If I weren’t, I could see myself being able to use this well for an overnight trip without needing a duffel or anything else. 

The St. Charles Yacht Tote seems more structured than my St. Anne Tote, but that could be because I haven’t had It as long and therefore haven’t used it quite as much. It stands well on its own, which makes tossing stuff in it for a trip a breeze. The straps on this tote are thicker and help distribute the bag’s weight more evenly when I overpack it. And just like the other Barrington Gifts bags, it is made of the same easy wipeable material.

I couldn’t rave about Barrington Gifts without mentioning the countless pattern and personalization options offered, and if you’re looking for a way to kill some time, creating different combinations on their site is a great way to do just that. If you’re looking for a gift for someone special who wouldn’t mind receiving it after the holiday season or are looking to gift yourself something you’ll use all the time, then be sure to take advantage of Barrington’s 25% off code


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