Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Best Gifts Prep In Your Step Reader's Have Received

 This post is going up later than I had hoped, but when going through all of your responses about the best gifts you have received, I couldn’t help but smile when we had so much overlap. If you didn’t see my post featuring my favorite big-ticket gifts I’ve received from this morning, definitely check it out here

It’s very clear y’all are my people when so many of you responded about your love of Lake Pajamas and Glamorous Wash Diva Detergent. Chances are, if you’re reading my blog and like some of the things I talk about, you’re probably going to be interested in some of the gifts that other readers shared that I’ve included below! 

airpods // nespresso machine // outdoor voices leggings // lake pajamas // dyson handheld vacuum // custom dog painting // glamorous wash diva detergent // apple pencil // kitchenaid stand mixer // David Yurman bracelet // ugg slippers // barrington gifts tote // ipad pro // Barbour jacket // pearl earrings // jewelry box // macbook pro // sunrise alarm clock // kindle oasis // Longchamp tote // Jo Malone perfume // diamond necklace // Patagonia pullover // electric wineopener // apple watch // mug warmer

One of the very best parts about reading through your responses about the best gifts you’ve received is that so many of them were experiential. Since those obviously couldn’t be included in the graphic above, I am sharing some of those ideas below for you as well. 

Concert Tickets


Tickets to The Nutcracker

Artwork Done By Favorite Artist + Children


Plane Tickets

6 Months of Manicures

In case you didn’t want to shop the pieces above using links, you can shop by clicking directly on the items in the image below to shop them that way too. 

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