Wednesday, December 23, 2020

That's A Wrap - Cute Holiday Wrapping Paper

Way back at the end of October/beginning of November, I was so optimistic about my December content calendar for blog posts that I told myself I would have a post all about cute wrapping paper and tags live for y’all in the first week of this month. We can go ahead and laugh at that now since it took until the end of the third week of this month for that to actually happen. Not particularly helpful if you were to want to order the supplies I used, but maybe it’ll inspire you to enjoy the wrapping process or inspire your Christmas wrapping paper shopping for next year! 

It’s a good thing I love wrapping presents, given the frequency I end up doing it for work. The perk of that, however, is discovering some really great small businesses that create beautiful gift wrap and tags. This year my gift tags are from Dogwood Hill (Happy Holidays, A Gift For (similar), A Christmas Gift For You), Camilla Moss (the Merry Christmas ones are what she made), and WH Hostess (Ginger Jar Champagne and Joy). Most of my wrapping paper is either Sugar Paper’s line at Target or Dogwood Hill. I find it really fun to accessorize with different ribbons and tags to make each gift seem unique. I hope y’all enjoy seeing a peek of what I wrapped up this year, and I’m looking forward to sharing the gifts inside that I’m giving loved ones this season. 

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! 


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