Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Step Into My Week 12.1

 I know I said this about a recent Step Into My Week post, but I feel like this one may be even more boring of a read for y’all since I was so swamped with work at the beginning of last week and then pretty much stayed at home all of my Thanksgiving holiday. Even still, these posts are always some of my most read of the week. 

I spent most of Monday and Tuesday relatively stressed out with my nose in my computer. I was able to go to true40 both Monday and Tuesday mornings, which at least provided a productive and active start before sitting and working the rest of the day.  I have a shoot that has to have lots of props next Monday and spent most of the day confirming whether or not they would be coming in or not. Tuesday afternoon, I picked up for the most part and that night got to try a new-ish restaurant in Birmingham with a friend. We went to Automatic Seafood and sat outside, which was fun. We started the meal with oysters, and I ordered the grilled amberjack, which came with sweet potatoes and was drenched with a delicious sauce.

Wednesday was a half-day of work that I ended up taking off despite how many emails I had to respond to by the end of the day. I left for Fairhope around 11:00 and made it to my parent’s house that afternoon. After tackling my inbox, my mom had me do the flowers for our centerpiece and help her set the table for our Thanksgiving at home. My brother, sister-in-law, and both their dogs (one of which is a tiny puppy) arrived that night for the holiday. 

I woke up early on Thursday morning to Peloton (I did Ally Love’s Beyonce ride) before showering and coming downstairs to help. My mom had most everything handled, and we had satsuma juice mimosas on the front porch before it started raining. We ate our big meal around 12:30, and everyone took long naps after we cleaned up. That night I worked on blog stuff while watching football and hanging out with everyone.

Friday morning, we had a big breakfast and eventually took the dogs on a walk before spending the rest of the day at home. Saturday was pretty similar to that as well, with the Iron Bowl being our event of the day.  I did get up and Peloton that morning and spent most of my free time working on blog posts to share with y’all. We ended the night watching The Queen's Gambit with cookies and White Russians that night. Saturday night, I went to bed early and packed up so that I could head back to Birmingham the following morning.

It rained my entire drive back but fortunately, Sophia and I had plans for a catch-up phone call, which entertained me for about half of my drive. I got back to Birmingham a little after noon and unpacked and ate lunch before deciding to decorate the house for Christmas. Decorating the tree lasted until around 5:30 when my friend came over to help before we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant nearby. We came back, and he got caught up on the first three episodes of The Queens Gambit, which I watched with my family while I was home. After finishing watching those episodes around 9:30 and I went to bed. 

This week is bound to be a busy one, but I’ll be off again before long for the Christmas holiday, so I should be back to relaxing in no time. I hope that y’all had a nice Thanksgiving and are enjoying your first day of December! 

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