Friday, November 20, 2020

Gift Guide: For The Baker

 If there’s a time of the year when my oven gets more use than normal, it’s November and December. Between Thanksgiving, when cooking delicious side dishes is a must, and Christmas, when I have more favorites to bake than time to do so, this is the time of year when I am always reaching for some of my kitchen favorites. Baking is relaxing to me since it typically follows a recipe that needs to be followed to a “t.” For me, that means minimal thought while dirtying up the kitchen. 

Since I’d like to think I’m not alone in how often I bake during the holiday season, I thought it would be fun to share a gift guide tailored to the baker. Anthropologie is my no-fail source when I’m looking for pretty kitchen supplies, and I happened upon plenty of practical items on their site that are also pretty to look at. One year for Christmas, I was given an acrylic cookbook stand by my friend Nell which helps keep my cookbooks clean and recipes visible! If you’re looking to give a nod to someone’s love of baking but aren’t sure what gadgets they may already have, this stand mixer ornament or butter ornament would be a great gift. 

As a reminder for blog posts lately, I’ve been sharing one image with the links to the items featured beneath it before sharing the same image with those items clickable for y’all. This hopefully allows y’all to shop whichever way you’d prefer! 

stand mixer ornament // silpat // butter ornament // pink cake stand // weeknight baking book // countertop timer // handheld mixer // clear ingredient organizers // pink over mits // stackable enameled container set // dish towels // recipe book // magnolia bundt pan // acrylic recipe box // cast iron skillet // Tupperware with colorful lids // whisk set // wooden baking boxes // acrylic cookbook stand // cupcake and sheet cake holder // suction lid tops // lilac pot // rainbow cake stand // muffin pan // pastel bowls // apron // cookie book 

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