Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Step Into My Week 11.3

 It’s election day!! I really do hope that maybe some of y’all are passing your time waiting in lines to place your vote by reading this post. If you haven’t voted early or by mail, then at some point today, the optimist in me is really hoping that you are wearing your favorite mask while waiting in line to cast your vote on a ballot. Just like we’ve heard over and over how different or weird this year is, you’ve likely heard how important it is to vote. Don’t let complacency or assuming your state is already “won” from stopping you from doing your part. 

My roommate and I got up extra early, bundled up in our jackets with a cup of coffee, and got in line together to do our part. Whether we were standing in line by people voting the same way as us or not, we went into the day with a good attitude despite our alarms going off extra early. I know you probably didn’t come to this blog post to be convinced to vote, so since I shared a recipe post with Red Diamond yesterday, today I’ll be sharing my Step Into My Week post. 

I really don’t remember all the details of what I accomplished working from home on Monday, but I did have a video meeting for one of my shoots that morning. I sent quite a few emails and worked ahead on compiling my resources from previous shoots to run in the back of the issues each was for. After work, a friend and I went for a walk in the park before going to the store to get food to make for dinner. We grilled out some meat and cooked squash, zucchini, cauliflower, and broccoli to go along with it. I believe we watched another couple of episodes of The Haunting of Bly Manor but can’t remember one way or the other. 

On Tuesday, I had a shoot that was themed around cooking with crackers. We had a variety of different sweet and savory dishes to get through for that one and eventually wrapped up around 3:00. I unpacked my cart and pulled some props for the next day’s shoot before heading home to finish my day working from there. That evening I made Skinny Taste’s Maple Glazed Salmon to eat while watching The Bachelorette with my roommate. We both went to bed soon after watching that episode.

I had another shoot on Wednesday, and this one was focused on cooking with carrots. I multitasked between shots and was able to get a lot done by the time we finished our final shot at 1:00. I came home and showered after that before finishing up the last of my work from the comfort of my bed. I continued working on holiday prep work for November and December for the blog before eating dinner and having bible study with my friends that night. We just started Priscilla Shearer’s study titled The Armor of God. After that, it was off to read a bit before falling asleep. 

I finally was off the waitlist for a true40 class on Thursday morning after over a week of not being able to get into a class that worked with my schedule. That taught me to wait until the last minute to sign up to reserve my spaces in class, haha. I showered afterward and got some work done before venturing to Tip Top Grill with a friend for my lunch break. The weather finally cooled down, so we took advantage of that by trying this restaurant with a cool overlook. I did more work in the afternoon before going on a walk with my friend and happening upon a dog costume contest in the park we go to. We also spotted some of our friends and stayed there talking to them as the temperature dramatically dropped. For dinner, we made Skinny Taste’s Maple Glazed Salmon (yep, for my second time last week) with potatoes and okra that we marinated in Trader Joe’s Soyaki sauce. There were football games on that night, so we didn’t finish The Haunting of Bly Manor, but that gave us a way to pass the afternoon on Friday. 

On Friday morning, I was excited because the True40 class I had signed up for would be playing their Halloween-themed playlist, and I grew up listening to a Halloween CD in my mom’s car on the way to school. Unfortunately, on my way out the door to class, I misstepped walking down the stairs from our kitchen to my car and messed up my ankle. I immediately started taking my jackets off because I suddenly got hot and laid down in our front yard because I was afraid I would throw up from the pain. I know that was quite an early morning site for any of my neighbors who may have seen that, and if I had a picture, I’d post it here to laugh about with y’all. I called the studio to tell them that I would not be making it to class and instead eventually made my way to our living room sofa, where I worked most of the day while icing my ankle. In the afternoon, we finished The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix and made our game plan for the Halloween party some friends hosted that evening outside at a brewery. A few of us went as pigs in blankets, which I shared in this post and the masks were a hit! We stayed at the party a while before eventually making our way back home. 

I had the most laid-back Saturday I’ve had in a while this past Saturday, and I think I can thank my swelling and bruising ankle for that. I ate a late breakfast with lots of coffee while my roommate and I watched The Bachelorette and cooked and cleaned to have a few friends over that night to watch the Alabama game on our deck. They arrived around 6:30, and we put out the different dips and appetizers made so that we could turn on the projector and curl up with blankets outside to watch the game. It was a pretty ideal evening, especially with all the sweet treats and s’ mores consumed after appetizers for dinner. I wanted to watch Hocus Pocus outside when the game ended but couldn’t get our projector to play the sound from Disney plus (if anyone knows how to go about fixing that, let me know). Instead, I got in bed early, which made the time change very confusing for me the next morning. 

I was wide awake at 6:00 on Sunday morning and decided to just take advantage of that since I wasn’t able to fall back asleep. I had a slow morning watching Gilmore Girls in bed while drinking my coffee and eventually washed my sheets and moved into the living room to work on gift guides and the details of launching my updated site (likely mid-November!). I finally switched my closet over to fall, put fresh sheets on my bed, and had a generally productive morning and early afternoon. Nell came over to help me with a few blog photos before meeting some of our friends at Paddywax for a candle making class. We all had the best time choosing our vessels and scents while learning to pour our own candles. If you’re looking for a great gift idea or Covid safe activity to do while you may be home for the holidays, definitely check out Paddywax’s site. Afterward, we ate dinner at Shake Shack, and I was home by 6:30, confused as to why it wasn’t closer to bedtime, given how dark it was. I am excited for more light in the mornings but it getting dark so early isn’t my favorite part of the time change. I iced my now very bruised ankle and propped it up for a while before getting in bed to read and go to sleep early.

 I hope y’all had a nice week and weekend! 

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