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Small Businesses To Shop This Holiday Season

Just like how it seems like everyone is on the same page about getting their holiday shopping done earlier this year, it feels like everyone is also in agreement about the importance of shopping small to support the businesses we know and love. Before I get too deep into gift guides for the season, I wanted to be sure to share some of my favorite online small businesses with y’all. 

When thinking about organizing this post, I quickly figured out that if I wrote a personal blurb about each of these businesses I love, then this post would likely become the length of a dissertation. Since I know that you’re more than likely to click through to the shops you’re interested in on your own and may not even read all I have to say, I decided to streamline things. I included a brief overview provided on each company’s website, as well as a link to my favorite item they sell that is currently available. This way you’re able to get a feel for each business without me overusing the words love, high-quality, small business, etc. I’ve included an item from each in the image below, but I will say these items are just scratching the surface of all these businesses have to offer, so let’s get into it before I lose you to all the pretty things they have to offer. 

Addison Bay

About: Addison Bay ® launched in 2018 with the mission of being the premier multi-brand destination for active fashion.With a focus on approachable style and function, Addison Bay ® curates the most fashion-forward and high-performance women’s activewear from across the globe – and along the way, is redefining the way the modern woman shops for activewear.

Product Pick: Spring Garden Sweatshirt and The Everyday Legging 2.0

Amanda Lindroth 

About: Our products were born from the breezy, joyful sensibility of Amanda’s Bahamas home. At Hope Hill, gathering friends for an outdoor dinner isn’t just fun, it matters. Cocktails are candlelit, dining chairs are nestled extra close, and no one ever leaves on time.

Product Pick: Batik Napkins Blue, Set of 4 

Anne Murphy

About: Accessories to elevate your everyday. Made locally in Charleston, SC with beachwear and handwashing in mind.

Product Pick: Classic Luxe Stack

Barrington Gifts

About: For twenty-five years, Barrington Gifts has been dedicated to the art of giving. We understand that at the intersection of what a gift means and how it makes the recipient feel is just a little bit of magic. Gifts are often at the center of the most important relationships in our lives.

Combining our craftsmanship, luxury materials, innovative design, and personalization on every product, Barrington customers can make a significant impact for a reasonable price.

Product Pick: St. Anne Tote with Monogram Stripe

Camilla Moss

About: I love creating from scratch and working with clients to develop custom artwork that speaks to them and compliments their design and style goals. My art career began with watercolor, although I enjoy exploring other mediums, including acrylics. My works include custom paintings of watercolor monograms, to architecture and nature. Regardless of the medium, my end goal is always the same: to create classic, custom art that will forever be a part of a family’s home and heart.

Product Pick: “Mistletoe” Hand Painted Botanical Ornament

Caroline Boykin

About: Caroline’s work centers around emotional balance within a moment. Elements of architecture and nature combine in multiple mediums to create tension in weight of color and delicacy of the subject. 

Product Pick: Tabletop Cross

Chappy Wrap

About: Around here, we have one simple mission: provide comfort to everyone, everywhere with the best blankets in the world. Calming, warm, and a breeze to care for, your ChappyWrap is sure to become an essential part of your everyday life! With a ChappyWrap, no matter where you are—you’re home.

Product Pick: Harborview Herringbone Blanket

Coley Home

About: After several years of studying, designing, and eventually developing her own textiles, Coley decided it was finally time to bring her vision to life. Coley Home brings a specially crafted collection of bedroom furnishings, gifts, and textiles inspired by design and function.

Product Pick: The Porter Side Table

Day Designer

About: Day Designer products combine beautiful designs, helpful content, and easy-to-use planning pages that inspire and guide users to find balance, focus, and productivity.

Product Pick: 2021 Daily Planner in Chic

Dorothy Shain

About: As a person and as an artist, I am so fueled by traveling to new places, meeting new people, and getting outside. The three of these things constantly remind me of my place in this world and my connection to it. My art is heavily influenced by the experiences I pick up along the way. 

Product Pick: The Ada

Dudley Stephens

About: Pieces that are thoughtfully designed by and for modern women, and made with innovative, recycled fabrics. Pieces that are timelessly stylish, versatile, and durable to love—and last—wear upon wear. That’s Dudley Stephens. We make outfit-making staples for instant comfort and style, hand-in-hand, in colors and sizes to make you look and feel your best—wherever your days take you. As a female-founded, family-owned retailer, we take pride in manufacturing and retailing responsibly. Our pieces are made in the US, sold direct-to-consumer and through select retail storefronts.

Product Pick: Park Slope Turtleneck (White)

Estelle Colored Glass

About: Estelle Colored Glass is a luxury brand of hand-blown colored glass cake stands and stemware in a mix of jewel tones and soft pastels. The Estelle Colored Glass collection is comprised of original commissioned pieces made by glass artisans in Poland at a glass-making company with a rich 100-plus-year-old history. Estelle Colored Glass pieces are best described as “jewels for your table.” We just hope our vintage-inspired yet refined and modern colored glass collection starts a revival of colored glass that is reminiscent of a past time.

Product Pick: Wine Stemless – Set of 2 in Cobalt Blue

Evelyn Henson

About: Led by the mantra “painting is a celebration of life,” I seek to create stylish art that colorfully celebrates the everyday. I look at places and things, but most of my paintings begin when I think about others and what I can paint to brighten their day.

Product Pick: Birmingham, AL Fine Art Print

Goldbug Collection

About: Goldbug Collection is a Charleston-based costume jewelry and gift brand. Designed by 4th generation sisters at Croghan’s Jewel Box, Mini Mariana Hay and Kathleen Hay Haygood. They are the 4th generation at their family jewelry store, Croghan’s Jewel Box in Charleston, South Carolina. Together with their team, they send bug love all over the country! 

Product Pick: Hydrangea Blue Enamel Bug Cuff

Kate Scialabba

About: Kate creates fluid, yet structured pieces by combining organic shapes and brushstrokes with geometry and pattern. She composes each piece by deconstructing and reconstructing images from her travels, growing up on the coast, and life in the city.

Product Pick: Wearing Feathers Framed Print

Katie Kime

About: Launched in Austin, Texas in 2013, Katie Kime is a bold, print-based lifestyle brand inspired by Katie’s own spirited approach to dressing both herself and her home. Her singular style - think preppy chic goes globe-trotting - is noted for southern sensibility with global influences. Traditional wares meet colorful, modern prints. Optimistic, bright, and often unexpected. 

Product Pick: Banana Leaves Pajama Set

Lake Pajamas

About: LAKE was founded on the belief that the most comfortable part of your day should be celebrated. For us, these comfortable moments are nights at home with our families, weekend escapes with friends, a dose of me-time after a long day, and holidays that gather everyone together. We hope to be a small part of what helps you find comfort in the everyday and that you share that comfort with those you love.

Product Pick: Pima Long-Short Set in Mist

Lycette Designs

About: Named after my great-grandmother, Lycette reinvigorates needlepoint with a modern, playful gracefulness. Inspired by lush winters in Palm Beach, the hydrangeas of New England summers, and the effortless elegance of equestrian style. Lycette believes Eloise is the ultimate girl crush and a little dash of daring is always appreciated. Through Lycette’s colorful, cheeky needlepoint designs, I hope to enchant fellow aesthetes and provoke imagination. May your creativity produce pieces that will be cherished for decades to come!

Product Pick: Ice Cream Truck

Mi Golondrina

About: Inspired by my mother’s Mexican heritage and love of Mexican art, I wanted to continue telling the story of Mexican art by preserving the traditions of hand-embroidery and empowering artisans throughout Mexico.  Every Mi Golondrina garment is born in the small villages of Mexico, hand-stitched by skilled artisans who have been using these methods for over 200 years. 

Product Pick: Eva Jardin Frances

Piper Collection

About: Founded in 2012 by textile designer, Whitney Caudle Kelly, Piper offers inspired living through high-end products, exclusive designs, and timeless style. Featuring vibrant color combinations and graphic textures, Piper brings luxury and sophisticated textiles to the contemporary home. Our products are beautifully crafted by highly skilled artisans in North Carolina & India.

Product Pick: Lottie Pillow 

Preppy Coffee Co.

About: We started Preppy Coffee to bring an extra level of fun and style to the coffee game. Though the Preppy Coffee brand is just getting started, the coffee inside is already legendary. By partnering with Kansas City’s Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters, we stand on 8 years of roasting experience.

Product Pick: Chinoiserie

Room 422

About: Room 422 currently serves as a one-stop-shop for all the necessities you need to deck out your room. My hope is that with a variety of patterns and colors, each customer can mix and match to create their personal home away from home.

Product Pick: Prussian Applique Pillow

Sea Marie Designs

About: Sea Marie Designs is a curated collection of affordable & beautiful year-round Coastal style accessories. I started this shop as a creative outlet once my youngest daughter started school a few days a week in April 2019. With a degree & background in Interior Design as well as Showroom Buying & Speciality Retail, I knew E-Commerce would be the perfect marriage to allow the flexibility of a stay at home mom, and passion for customer service and design. 

Product Pick: Block Print Cosmetic Bag Set of 2 in Booti Blue

Soley Foster

About: FOSTER was founded in May of 2020 by mother-daughter pair, Frances Hackney and Kim Hackney. The two have a passion for using their designs to foster more than their products, they foster relationships, memories, and all things wall to wall. 

Product Pick: The Peacock Pillow


About: Two sisters with a love for paper and parties. 

Product Pick: Batik Stationery and Makeup Bag – White & Blue

Susan Gordon Pottery

About: Susan Gordon is truly a creator at heart.  She is dedicated to bringing timeless beauty into everyday life, and her love of clay and commitment to lifelong pieces set the tone for her journey with ceramics. Keeping classic taste at the core of her design, what began as handmade pottery and jewelry has become so much more.

Product Pick: Leopard Print Wavy Bowl and French Blue Framed Botanica

The Horseshoe Crab

About: Bespoke embroidery and design based in Savannah, Georgia. 

Product Pick: Monogram Bath & Hand Towels

The Tiny Tassel

About: The Tiny Tassel is a jewelry and accessories brand inspired by the vibrant colors of Charleston, SC. Founded in 2015 with the Signature Tassel Earring, The Tiny Tassel has expanded to include earrings, bracelets and necklaces, hand-made garments, and a curated collection of jewelry, accessories, and party goods. With happiness at the heart of the business, each collection includes hand-made and curated pieces in bright colors and classic prints. The Tiny Tassel is designed with the everyday woman in mind, and wearing one of The Tiny Tassel’s colorful statement pieces will make you feel vibrant. 

Product Pick: The Carolina Tassel Earring


About: At the end of the day, you want towels and robes worth celebrating. After years of researching, testing, and designing, we found the secret formula. Now you can sit back, relax and wrap yourself up in Weezie. 

Product Pick: Women’s Short Robe in Tullie

And because it would just be too perfect for me to remember all of the businesses I wanted to include before finishing the image, here are a few more and another image featuring their cute products! 


About: At Anecdote, we’re making fragrance a conversation piece. Inspired by personal recollections and cultural trends, each candle is an everyday luxury designed to remind us of stories worth sharing.

Product: Quarter-Life Crisis

Bauble Stockings

About: A Bauble Stocking contains, or has a clue to, the final present of Christmas, a grand finale to the holiday. Growing up, my mom always received the last gift of Christmas as a thank you for all she'd done that year, and it, or a clue to it, was always in her needlepoint stocking that hung on our tree. My dad called it her "Bauble Stocking" because on a good year it was a bauble, a piece of jewelry. Each stocking is 100% hand-stitched and finished. In 2018, we moved our production to a community of single moms in Haiti.

Product: Holiday Trimmings by Dogwood Hill

Crosby by Mollie Burch

About: CROSBY by Mollie Burch is a women’s contemporary clothing line distinguished by custom prints, vibrant color, and whimsical design. Founded on the desire to fight social injustice, CROSBY uses bright designs to support organizations that aid victims of sex trafficking. Our slogan, #ShineYourBright, aims to empower women to be their boldest, brightest selves.

Product: Oliver Jumper

Dogwood Hill 

About: Dogwood Hill is a purveyor of semi-custom stationery and wedding paper for discerning clients with a taste for luxurious, artfully driven paper without the lengthy design time or high price point.

Product Pick: Nutcracker Toile Wrapping Paper

Hazen & Co

About: After being introduced to the art of jewelry-making in 2002 at the age of nine, she dove into the design world after repurposing her grandmother’s costume jewelry as new creations. Within six months of beginning to make jewelry, Taylor launched Hazen and has ever since been dedicated to exquisitely handcrafting playful and feminine accessories that embody both timelessness elegance and modern sensibility.

Product Pick: Azalea Earring in Periwinkle


About:  Our philosophy is simple—Create meaningful accessories for the people who inspire and influence us each day. We aspire to design beautiful, quality pieces that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and personal aesthetic. Distinctive handbags that are understated, effortless, and confident—Much like the women who carry them.

Product Pick: Max Mini in Camel

Living Well

About: Interior design and gift shop located in Fairhope, Alabama.

Product: Vintage Xmas "Paper" Melamine Plates, Set of 4

Lucy Grymes

About: Lucy Grymes is a paper and lifestyle brand that strives to create paper goods that are beautiful and easy to use. Our hope is that these products will inspire your creativity while putting the ease and enjoyment back into entertaining. As we continue to grow, we hope to expand the breath and depth of our product line.

Product: Periwinkle Vase Wraps

Marie Oliver

About: Marie Oliver, a women’s lifestyle brand, is created to curate wardrobes filled with timeless, modern, and charming pieces that are, at once, elegant and easy. Subscribing to the belief that one can never be overdressed, Marie Oliver is designed to channel a confident sensibility from day to night

Product: Paris Dress

Packed Party

About: We're on a mission to get the world partying because we believe in celebrating the little things. People won't remember what you say, but they'll always remember the way you make 'em feel so we strive to design products that spark conversation, celebration, or just a smile. After all, isn't that what life's all about?

Product: Minglin' Mini Holiday Light Cup Set of 4

Pomegranate Inc.

About: Worry about who's gathered in the chairs; we've got your table covered with exclusive hand blocked linens & accessories.

Product: Caroline Red Napkins, Set of 4

Sant and Abel

About: Whether you’re caught running to the corner store at the crack of dawn for milk, inadvertently locking yourself out of the hotel room as you grab the morning paper, or mowing your front lawns, Sant and Abel is the brand you will want to be caught wearing, day and night.

Product: Women's Gray Malin Snow Long PJ Set

Sarah Flint

About: As a woman, I understand the frustration of buying shoes that end up sitting in your closet. Because of this, I obsess over the details of fit and construction to make the most comfortable and durable shoes, never sacrificing an ounce of style. It’s pretty simple, really. I believe every woman deserves luxury, which is why I provide the highest quality shoes without charging the traditional retail mark up.

Product: Grear Sandle in Gold Calf and Perfect Zip Bootie 70 in Olive Crosta

Sprinkled with Pink

About: Sprinkled with Pink is a Dallas-based, female-founded brand that brings a pop of fun to all of life's happiest celebrations. Our personalized accessories add the perfect touch for bachelorette parties. 

Product: Custom Denim Jacket with Monogram Stripe

The Navy Knot

About: Established in 2015 by Lisa Kelly, The Navy Knot reflects her stylish yet sporty lake-loving upbringing. TNK is truly a family adventure with daughter, Riley, managing the shop and serves as social media guru. Oldest daughter, Whitney, lives in Chicago with her husband, Matthew, but manages to help out with marketing when she can. As for her husband, Mike, he pitches in wherever he's needed!

Product: Seltzer 6 Pack Ornament

Waiting on Martha

About: Waiting On Martha founder, Mandy Kellogg Rye (MKR), believes in celebrating the inspired, simple moments in everyday living. This belief inspired this blogger and designer to open the doors to an online shop in 2012 and brick and mortar, located in The Vinings Jubilee, in 2017.

Product: Confetti Dot Pajama Set

Now it’s time for y’all to share your favorite small businesses with me! 

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