Friday, November 20, 2020

Christmas Decorations: Blue & White, Classic, and Colorful

This week has felt overwhelming, just with how much stuff I’ve had to get done for work shoots happening after Thanksgiving, as well as all the blogging expectations I’ve put on myself. To celebrate making through the hectic week, I think I will finally put up my Christmas tree. I use “finally” semi-jokingly since I am usually pretty headstrong when it comes to not putting up my Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving. Since everyone else seems to be putting theirs up early this year, it is causing me to feel a bit behind, and I am looking forward to tackling the task of getting it up and fluffy even if decorating doesn’t happen until a bit later.

Speaking of decorating, I am in the market for a few new ornaments to fill out our tree a bit more, which led me down the rabbit hole of online shopping for Christmas decorations. Since I found so many fun items to fit different Christmas schemes, I thought it was worth sharing in a blog post for y’all. I’ve broken down the image into three categories 1. Blue and White Christmas Decorations 2. Classic Christmas Decorations, and 3. Colorful Christmas Decorations. Surely you’ll find something to fit the look you’re going for. 

As a reminder for blog posts lately, I’ve been sharing one image with the links to the items featured beneath it before sharing the same image with those items clickable for y’all. This hopefully allows y’all to shop whichever way you’d prefer! 

Blue and White



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