Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Step Into My Week 11.17

 I think after working so far ahead on blog posts for last week, my brain forgot how to write and get one posted in time to be ready for y’all yesterday. That coupled with the fact that I was pretty much swamped with my to-do list yesterday and a couple of after work plans, it’s currently 6 am, and I am writing this with a cup of coffee in bed. Oops. I’m also struggling to remember all that I did last week, so this may not be the most entertaining of Step Into My Week posts, but it’s an attempt! 

Monday was a work from home day for me, and since the weather wasn’t too chilly, I took advantage of it and worked outside most of the morning. I didn’t have any video meetings, which has become rare for a Monday, but I had plenty of prep work to get done for upcoming shoots. During my lunch break, I went to the store to get everything needed to make this soup recipe. I’ve been on a major soup kick lately, and thankfully, now the temperatures are starting to drop, making it feel more fitting. In the afternoon, I went on a walk with a friend before I came home to eat some of the soup I made and worked on gift guides before getting in bed relatively early. 

I had a cover shoot on Tuesday, which I always mentally prepare to feel like a long day since usually, we are just focusing on a single recipe. This day we needed to get one recipe shot for a different brand, so it wasn’t until close to 10:00 when we started on the cover. They wanted lots of options, but I think by around 2:30, we had exhausted all of them. I unpacked my cart and headed home to finish up my work at that point. I went on another walk that afternoon and ate Saw’s with a friend while watching The 100.

I didn’t have work on Wednesday due to Veteran’s Day and spent most of the day taking advantage of that by writing blog content while watching Criminal Minds in the living room. I did go to lunch with a friend to break up the day a bit. I made chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon, which is a dangerous thing to keep around when you have as big of a sweet tooth as I do, but I packaged some up to take to friends. That night I had bible study where we celebrated one of our friends’ 25th birthday with cake before heading home! 

Thursday was another work from home day, and when I opened my curtains in the morning, it looked especially like fall outside. I worked for a while and then had a zoom interview with a blog reader named Tess for an article she is writing about Black Friday. Once I get the link for the final article, I’ll try to remember to share it! It was really fun getting to talk to her and broke up my morning really nicely. The rest of the day was spent getting computer work done before eventually moving on to blog work and gift guides that night. I turned on a Christmas movie on Netflix while I did that and am at the point where I may just cave and go ahead and put up our Christmas tree. 

Friday morning was the first time I’ve gone back to true40 since messing up my ankle a couple of weeks ago. I had to modify anything that was one-footed or standing on my tiptoes, but it felt good to get back to being active. I came home and showered afterward and got to work. I really can’t remember what I did immediately following the workday, but in the afternoon,  I went on a walk and went to Party City since the following day was another friend’s birthday, and in addition to it being Master’s themed, he also wanted it to be a bring your own piñata party. After that, I quickly went home to change for my evening plans and made my way to my friend Mallory’s birthday dinner. After that, I met up with some other friends for a little while at The Grocery before heading home. 

The weather on Saturday was beautiful, but I didn’t do much of anything until heading to my friend’s house to watch the Master’s in his backyard around 1:00. This is where the piñata party was, and some people were especially creative with the filling they used. His roommate even stuffed his with Egg Salad, which was equal parts nasty and hysterical. I wish I had a picture of all of the piñatas lined up because there were at least 7 or 8. We left there around 5:00, and a friend and I picked up dinner and watched Harry Potter that night. 

Sunday was pretty laid back with laundry going while I consumed multiple cups of coffee while working on gift guides. I hung around the house for most of the day but did go on a long walk while listening to podcasts in the afternoon. I came home, showered, and talked on the phone with my parents before eating dinner and going to Nell’s apartment for a little while to catch up with her before coming home and getting in bed.

This week is already shaping up to be a busy one, so hopefully, I’ll have more exciting updates to share with y’all next Monday! Stay tuned this afternoon for another themed gift guide that I am so excited to share with you. 

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