Monday, November 23, 2020

Step Into My Week 11.23

I am so excited that it is Thanksgiving week. I’ll be off from work on Wednesday-Friday and will be spending Thanksgiving in Fairhope with my family and am looking forward to a bit of time off. I have a lot to get done before heading home, including finishing up the many gift guides I am sharing this week with y’all. Pretty much every day this week, you’ll be able to find two blog posts from me (ideally one at 8:30 and one at 3:30, but depending on how much I get done ahead of time, that may change). I would love it if you’d be sure to check back for those daily! 

I know I mentioned this in posts this past week, but on the work front, I felt a bit swamped. I have two big shoots right after Thanksgiving that require tons of products from vendors, so sourcing those and reaching out has been how I’ve filled my work hours most of the week. I did have a shoot on Monday and quite a few meetings, which meant when I got home to finish out my workday, there were many emails to be sent. In the afternoon, when my workday wrapped, I went on a walk with my friend before heading to another friend’s house for an overdue catch-up session. Since Macy had been back from her wedding and honeymoon, we hadn’t seen each other, but we enjoyed a bowl of soup out on her deck followed by a drink and plenty of stories of what she had been up to the past month. I got home around 8:30 and got in bed to do a bit of blog work before going to bed. 

sweater // vest (similar) // jeans // shoes // phone case // ring

I got up early and worked out on Tuesday morning before spending most of the day with my eyes glued to my computer screen. I finally closed my computer around 6:00 and finished making dinner to eat with my friend. It was the first time this year that I made one of my favorite soup recipe discoveries from last year! After eating, we watched The Grinch and had some leftover cake from my roommate’s work event.

I had a food shoot on Wednesday, which meant that I spent most of the day in the office. When we wrapped that afternoon, I unpacked my cart and tidied up my desk since that was the last day I’d be into the office before the Thanksgiving holiday. In the afternoon, I continued to order in products and secure a location for my upcoming shoot. I eventually switched over to doing blog work later in the evening while my roommate and I watched the previous night’s episode of The Bachelorette. 

Thursday morning, I worked out and continued to move through my to-do list for work. I don’t think I ate lunch until 3:00 when I finally made the pie I had offered to bring to Friendsgiving that evening. I also made some cookies to have on hand in case the pie wasn’t enough, but since we had a small group, everyone ended up eating both. Around 4:30, my friend came over to make the creamed corn he was planning to take with us to the event. We arrived at Macy and Drew’s house around 6:00, and I helped Macy finish setting the table while we waited for everyone else to come. I think we started eating closer to 7:30, and all of the dishes that people brought were delicious. We played card games and drank wine for a while before leaving a little before 10:00. 

On Friday, I worked from home and ended up working well past noon before then switching over to blog work. I continued doing that for a while until I eventually got ready to go to a friend Kristyn’s birthday dinner at a hibachi restaurant. I don’t think I had sat around a hibachi grill since early high school, so it has been a while. After dinner, we went back to our friend’s apartment to make a fire and have s’mores. I left a little after 10:00 and came home to go to bed. 

Saturday morning, I woke up and took a shower since my hair still smelled like a bonfire. I did laundry while working in bed and eventually got up and decided to put up our Christmas tree. It took a while to fluff the branches, but I was glad to have left the lights on it when I stored it last year. I usually am not one to put up the tree before Thanksgiving, but with working from home, I knew I’d be able to enjoy it longer if I went ahead and started the decorating process. It still doesn’t have any ornaments on it, but I’ll get there eventually. Around 4:30, I met up with some friends at a brewery to watch the football games that night. We ordered Post Office Pies to the brewery, which was a great decision! Eventually, we left, and I watched a bit more football before deciding it was time for me to go to bed. 

Sunday was similar to Saturday in that I spent most of the morning at home trying to get ahead on a few things. In the afternoon, Nell helped me with a few pictures and then stayed at our house to study while I worked on gift guides. I talked on the phone with my parents, and then it was off to another dinner with friends since one of our friends was passing through town, and we didn’t get our act together soon enough to do a Friendsgiving. Afterward, I came home, did a few computer things, and went to bed. 

I hope that y’all had a nice week and are making the most of your Thanksgiving plans for this year! 

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