Friday, July 17, 2020

My Favorite Board & Card Games

As states opened (and continue to open) back up, it seems as though fewer people are doing puzzles and making bread like they did during quarantine. While that makes a lot of sense, one activity I picked up during quarantine that I do not want to give up just yet is playing board and card games. Y’all probably saw my post featuring pretty board games here, and although I didn’t purchase any of them yet there are a few that I think would make really great gifts. 

Since I’ve continued to force encourage my friends to play these games with me, I wanted to be sure to share my top picks here as well. Many of these aren’t nearly as display-worthy as those in my first board game post, but hopefully, you’ll agree that the amount of fun they are to play makes up for their appearance!

I think I could probably write an entire post about how much I’ve been loving this game. It may have been the best $10 I spent all of quarantine. I don’t know if I’ve ever finished an entire game of Monopoly, which is a shame given how much fun the game is. Monopoly Deal takes your favorite parts of the board game and condenses it into a fast-paced card game that usually lasts around 15 minutes. The goal is to get three property sets, but there are some sneaky cards in the deck that make that more of a challenge than you’d think. It’s a bit difficult to explain using the directions, so if you decide to purchase this know that once you start playing it makes a lot more sense than the directions may.

My friend Allie brought this game with her to the beach when I went with my friends a little while back. She had the Tennessee version since she went to UT, but I have since purchased the regular one. To me, this seems like a more fun and fast passed version of the memory match games I used to play as a kid. There are I believe five different ways to play it (all of which are explained in the instructions), but the overarching goal is to see what you have on your card that matches the card played in the center. When we played at the beach, we found ourselves getting closer and closer to the card and yelling our matches louder as everyone’s cards dwindled. Whoever plays all of their cards first is the winner.

Uno is such a classic. I like that you can play it with two players or make it a group activity. Since most of y’all are probably familiar with this game, I’m not going to go into much detail, but if you’re looking to mix it up a bit, my friends and I love playing Spicy Uno. All you need is a regular Uno deck and to familiarize yourself with the rules here. 

At the very beginning of quarantine, this was the game I was playing the most. A friend and I also got in the habit of playing this while watching Jeopardy, which still makes me laugh given that it seems like a really nerdy combination. Before you start playing, decide which website you’re going to use to verify words since there have been quite a few discussions between friends and I about which words are valid to play.  

Admittedly I’ve only played this once, but when I did, it was a lot of fun. This game uses dominos and is probably best suited to larger groups. You match your drawn dominoes to the “train” you’re building but can occasionally play off of other player’s trains as well. The goal of the game is to get rid of all of your dominoes first! 

Since I’m going to continue to encourage friends to play board and card games with me, I would love to know of any favorites you may have!


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