Wednesday, July 8, 2020

June 2020 Favorites

We are halfway through the year. How unbelievable does that seem? It’s felt so long (going to thank quarantine for a lot of that) and has been short in some ways too since so many events that highlight different seasons and months have been overlooked. I realized that I never shared my May favorites, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget to share what I loved in June before too much of July passed by. Honestly, it was kind of challenging to come up with what to include in this list, but I think it sums up the items I’ve been using and loving the most this past month.

Ever since switching to a reusable K-Cup awhile back, I feel like I’ve become more of a coffee snob. I have no reason to be one since I truly don’t know that much about coffee, but buying a bag of coffee usually lasts me nearly a month so I don’t mind spending a little bit more on a bag of ground coffee since it’s a lot cheaper than the price of the number of k cups I would use. Well, my most recent coffee find is not only delicious but also really affordable. I tried this coffee after making it on set for a shoot one day and just opened my second container. For lack of better knowledge of how to describe coffee, it’s smooth and delicious. 

I realize that it may have come across as irresponsible that I was attending workout classes again without sharing some of the ways the studio I go to has been ensuring the health and safety of those of us in class. While I know it can’t guarantee that the virus won’t be a factor there, they have gone to incredible lengths to clean the studio, eliminate contact, cut the class size by half, and keep us moving during the heat of the summer. I have been much better about being in my routine now that I have been able to go back to true40. They still have free online workouts on their website if you want to give those classes a try but don’t live near a studio. I will say that I’m definitely feeling sorer after each class now that I am back in person since I found myself not working quite as hard independently at home. 

I am borderline addicted to this game. It has been the best $10 I’ve spent in a long time. It’s a nice mix of skill and luck and allows you to play a “game” of Monopoly in the span of 15 minutes. It’s also nice because you can play it with as few as two people. I have probably played over 50 rounds of the game since getting it last month and know that that number will continue to increase as I introduce it to more friends. 

While it’s still a little early in the summer to make this call, I think my one shoulder bathing suit from J.Crew will be my bathing suit of the summer. Each year I feel like there is one that I reach for more than others, and so far, this has been that one. I love that it ties both on the shoulder and in the back, making it adjustable and secure. For being a fun cut, it’s still full coverage and really comfortable. It comes in a variety of colors, and J.Crew has a bunch of different style bottoms that you can pair with it to complete your suit. 

I had never heard of this show when it came out, but it has been my most consistently watched show this past month. It involves space, survival, and a lot of action, which is an unexpected combination that I’ve really enjoyed. I’m now in season 2 and find myself wanting to watch another episode just to know what will happen. If you’ve found yourself wanting a new show to watch, this one has multiple seasons and is bound to be liked by girls and guys alike. 

Y’all know I LOVE pajamas, so including these was a no brainer. PJ Harlow was kind enough to send me a few pieces this past month, and I probably wore these pants for well over half of the nights this past month. They are a silky soft material that is cooling and feels really luxurious. I’m tempted to get a pair of their shorts, but honestly think I would still reach for the pants since I love the way they feel and want as much of the fabric on my skin as possible. 

I’m not sure if I’ve ever included alcohol in a favorites post, but Blue Moon’s Light Sky beer is changing that. I like the taste of beer and know I can count on Blue Moon to the point that a lot of time at breweries, I’ll ask the bartender which of their beers is most like a Blue Moon (which they probably hate). This is a lighter version made with tangerines that’s refreshing and delicious. IF you’re not usually a beer person (and you’re of age), maybe give this a try to see if you like it. 

I think that sums up what I’ve loved this past month, but I am already working on my July list since there are a few products that are already making the cut. I’d love to know what products top your list for the past month! 

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