Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Cute Bracelets For Summer

Each summer, it feels like there is some new trend when it comes to jewelry and specifically bracelets. Since I wouldn’t consider myself to be a trendy person necessarily, accessories are an easy way to incorporate these trends into my outfits without feeling like I’m spending a ton of money on something I’ll wear once. I think part of my love of fun bracelets also comes from summers spent at camp. It seemed like by the end of the session, everyone’s arm was piled high with anything from silly bands to friendship bracelets to rope bracelets we made on a rainy day when we couldn’t go up to our high adventure elements. For that reason, it’s the perfect nostalgic accessory, and the bracelets I’ve been loving lately are certainly a step up from plastic silly bands.

It’s no surprise to most of you that I like having plenty of color in my wardrobe, so while there is one more neutral option in my favorite bracelet picks for this summer, most of them are much more vibrant. Better still, I’ve found affordable options for each pick in case you’re not willing to spend much on this summer trend. At the very bottom of this post, you’ll be able to scroll through some of those options, but I was sure to link the exact bracelets I have in the text below. 

I was introduced to Allie + Bess bracelets this spring and have had the pleasure of getting to know both Allie and Bess in the process. They are moms and friends in Dallas who decided to take their love of bracelets and make it a business. They create the most fun vinyl beaded bracelets that look just as go individually as stacked. I have a few different colors, and like that there are gold beads mixed among the colorful ones to elevate the bracelets just a bit. They release new styles each Tuesday, and in the short time I’ve known about the brand have released numerous new sizes and color options. 

I had seen a blogger talk about these bracelets at some point last summer but remember clicking her link and being floored at the price. While they were a fun accessory, they didn’t seem THAT fun to me for the price. Fast forward to this summer, and I found something similar on Amazon and then made my way down a rabbit hole browsing through the different colors and shapes. I find myself wearing the smaller sized bracelets of the set I own most frequently, but there are plenty of options for you to easily choose which work best for you. 

Gold Budha Girl Bangles (available here as well)
It may be a stretch considering these a trendy piece since I have seen people wearing these the past few years. The beauty of these comes with the fact that the material is incredibly lightweight, and despite the ability to stack them high, they don’t make any noise when they hit together. I have them from the original brand, Budha Girl, and I believe mine are the Serenity Prayer All Weather Gold Bangles in a set of 9. Since getting these a while back, I’ve seen plenty of more affordable jelly-like bracelets that give the same look for less. You could comfortably wear these to the pool and out to dinner later, given their versatility. I would say that these bracelets would be the easiest to transition from summer to other seasons thanks to their classic look. 

Below are some additional bracelets I thought y’all might like as well! 

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