Thursday, July 2, 2020

My Everyday Jewelry

Is this anyone else’s Friday for the week? Initially, I was going to take today off as I was going to be headed to the beach, but now that I’m staying in Birmingham, I decided to stay on the clock until noon, and then my long holiday weekend will begin. I need to solidify some plans and decide if I still want to take Monday off. Still, hopefully I’ll be able to figure out something fun and festive to do (ideally by a body of water since it has gotten very hot here in Alabama).

If I’m looking for the positives of not going to the beach, it is kind of nice not to have to pack up for the weekend. I don’t know about y’all, but I really hate packing and would gladly argue my stance about how packing toiletries is the worst part (maybe I’ll save that for another post). The easiest part to pack for a laid-back weekend away is always my jewelry since it usually only requires me putting on my everyday pieces and considering that to be good enough. I really like jewelry and have a variety of pieces that I mix in on occasion, but as for my day to day, I keep it pretty simple. Since I’ve received a few messages lately asking about the style of my watch and inquiring about the ring I wear every day, I am consolidating everything into this post for y’all. I’ve done my best to link to the exact pieces I own, and maybe since it’s a holiday weekend, some of them will be on sale! 

ring dish in black or gold 

I have gotten to the point where I feel naked without earrings on. So much so that I like to keep an emergency pair in my bag on the off chance I forget to put them in in the morning. Fortunately, with the price point of this pair, that’s not excessive. I have a nicer pair of pearl earrings but have gravitated to these time and time again since I wouldn’t be as bummed if I were to misplace one. This freshwater pearl earring pair is 10mm in size and has sterling silver posts, which helps to avoid irritation or turning your skin green. The ones linked come in a variety of different sizes to choose from if 10mm isn’t your jam, but I’ve found that they are the perfect size to make a statement without being obnoxious at least judging by how they look on me. 

I never would have considered myself a watch person until I was generously gifted my Michele watch by the brand to feature around the time of my graduation. I almost thought the brand was kidding when they asked me to choose a watch style since it seemed too good to be true. I figured I would wear the watch when I wanted to feel dressed up, but since receiving it, I’ve worn it nearly every day since. I can’t imagine not having a watch while teaching and love that it’s a practical accessory. Another great thing about Michele Watches is that you can change out the bands easily. I have a few different leather bands that make the watch face more casual and look as though it’s a different watch altogether. While I know it’s an investment, I have seen my exact watch on sale on Walmart’s site before, so I’d definitely recommend searching around if you have one of these on your wishlist. 

One of the first nice pieces of jewelry I ever invested in was my pearl David Yurman bracelet. I had saved up for a while and believe I was 16 when I finally purchased it. Sadly my original bracelet was stolen, but eventually, my parents helped me to find a replacement. Then, for highschool graduation, they gifted me with a matching bracelet with gold ends. I love the classic look of these bracelets and how they stack so well together (especially with my watch). I had every intention of getting a third bracelet to pair with the other two (likely this one), but sadly the cable on both of mine has split and is unable to be replaced by David Yurman without paying nearly the price of a new bracelet. This may mean that I should’ve opted for a size down from the “medium” size that mine are, but I am so bummed that these bracelets I’ve loved for so long are nearly unwearable now. I still wanted to include them in this list as I love the classic style of them and do find them to be a very versatile piece for everyday wear. 

The last piece I put on every day and the one that I’ve received the most questions about lately is my golf family crest ring. This was a gift from my sister in law (and brother, but I know Shannon was the mastermind behind this gift idea) for Christmas. Shannon has one as well, and I love the uniqueness of this piece, given that it has the Walton Family crest on it. This may make us sound fancy as if we created our own. However, many last names have crests that I believe date back to English and Irish ancestors. Since this was a gift, it took some time to identify which options online may be the most similar to the one I have, but I’ve linked the one I am most confident about here for y’all. I tend to wear mine on my middle (or ring but usually middle) finger of my right hand, so you often see it when I post mirror photos of my outfits. Hopefully, this close up look at it will show you more of its intricate detail. 

Another ring I adore that I haven’t been able to wear lately since it also broke (maybe I just have terrible luck with jewelry) is my “tangled up in blue” Goldbug ring. Since the band of the ring is adjustable, eventually, the material became too weak and snapped. I’m hoping to take it to a jeweler to see if they would be able to solder it to a plain gold band. Time to add that to my ever-lengthening to-do list! 

I’d love to hear about any jewelry pieces you may wear daily that potentially have a unique story! 

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