Thursday, May 7, 2020

Pretty Board Games

Despite only being home with my family for one night during quarantine, my brother was quick to tell me not to suggest playing a board game because “It’s not like the power is out.” To him, I guess board games are only appropriate to play in the dark, but I certainly disagree. It’s funny to me some of the activities people have gravitated toward while sheltering in place during this virus. After looking at a computer screen for longer than I am used to each day, it makes sense that I want to give my eyes a break at the end of the day, and a board game is a perfect escape. 
From Clue to Battleship and Scrabble to Dominos, it feels like the opportunities are seemingly endless. The only downside is that some board games aren’t quite as pretty to display as others. This thought put me on the hunt to find some really pretty games to share with y’all in case you’re the type of person who loves any excuse for a family game night.


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