Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Colorful Desk Refresh

I am an absolute sucker when it comes to cute office supplies. I joke with my parents that maybe my love of fresh pens and notebooks is why I stuck to the idea of becoming a teacher for so long even when I had my doubts. I’ve since learned that you don’t have to be in a traditional school-style environment to appreciate pretty paper goods.

While the supplies I gravitate to in an office setting are a bit different than those I’d use in a classroom, a new pack of pens or fresh notepad still brings me the same amount of excitement. My desk needed a major cleanout recently, and I used that time to stock up on some new supplies while organizing everything in a way that still makes sense to the way in which I use my desk at home. My desk at work is organized in a very practical way, and although it has its pretty areas, production schedules, and content sheets thumbtacked to the wall can only be so appealing. My desk at home is a much prettier environment to sit down and work at, and since it sits directly across from my bed, I do my best to keep things tidy since it’s one of the first things I see when I wake up in the morning. 

Beyond ready to start using my new 2020 Day Designer stat! 

I’ve never been one to shy away from color and I love displaying photos and notes from friends, so a pinboard has been my best bet when it comes to keeping those mementos organized. I should probably take everything currently hanging up down and print new photos to hang, but that’s an undertaking for another time. Last year when I was setting it up, I shared my tips for creating your own inspiring bulletin board here in case you’re interested. 

With two stacks of books on either side of my desk, it made sense to get an organizer of sorts for the middle section so that everything I need to have on hand is easy to grab. The white wooden organizer you see is from Pottery Barn and matches my pinboard perfectly (which I love). In it, I like to keep pens, blue light glasses, and my favorite notepads since I am a notorious list maker. I recently came across the cutest retailer for paper goods, Inclosed Letterpress Co., and that’s where most of the notepads you see on my desk are from. I’ve been particularly drawn to the “so productive” notepad and the “grocery list” notepad. Not only are they functional, but the bright colors have me eager to sit down and actually get to work. You’ll definitely be seeing more of these on my Instagram soon given that sharing a to-do list makes me a lot more likely to feel the need to check everything off. 


I’ve included links to some of the products seen in these photos below in case you’re in need of items to make your desk a bit more inviting as well! 

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