Friday, February 22, 2019

My Favorite Affordable Amazon Workout Gear

With February nearly over, now is a good time to re-address all those fitness-based resolutions/goals that you may have made back in January. What better way to do that than by being inspired by affordable workout wear? 

I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret from y’all that I am so excited to fully let you in on today. I wasn’t holding out because I wanted to keep everything to myself but instead make sure it was fully worth the hype. Enter Amazon as my new favorite workout wear retailer. We all know and love Amazon for the near-instant gratification from a purchase (if you have Prime at least) and the easy returns if you happen not to like something. I kind of anticipated making some returns with the pieces I have tried, but that hasn’t been the case. 

By far my favorite Amazon purchase in a while (eh maybe should say tied with the Makeup Eraser) this jacket seems nearly too good to be true. I tend to like pullovers better than full zip jackets, but this one may have changed my mind. It’s easy to take on and off without worrying about it getting caught in your headphone cords (at least if you’re like me and haven’t taken the plunge into airpods yet) which is perfect when I’m bailing on this layer mid-run. 

The fit of this is great as long as you know about the weird sizing. I wear this in a large and am usually a 2 or 4 in regular clothes and a 4 or 6 in Lululemon pieces. The material of the jacket is stretchy and sweat-wicking which makes it breathable when working out yet still warm. One feature that I absolutely adore on these jackets are the built-in hand covers. My long runs have been outside the past few months making these especially nice. It certainly doesn’t get as cold in Birmingham as some other places, but I think regardless of where you are this is a nice feature to have on a jacket even if you don’t always use it. I have the space gray and clay but think that any of the color options would be equally as great. 

Finding good quality, well fitting, and sweat resistant workout tanks can be a challenge. I’ve found that I’ll discover really cute and affordable ones at Target, but they won’t fit me in the way I want them to. I was a bit hesitant about ordering this one from Amazon but decided to give it a try since it’s a shape I love. Racerback with a scoop bottom that is a bit longer in the back is my go-to especially when it’s loose like this one. The bright blue color definitely helped sway my decision too. I’m really glad that I did decide to give it a try since now that it has been washed and dried once I really like it (the arm holes were a little big before, but now they are perfect). I got it in size small which like I mentioned is perfect now that it has been washed and dried once. The scoop of the neck goes a little bit lower than some of the similar ones I have from Lululemon, but with my next great find, you won’t need to worry about it. 

While I don’t want to say never, it is very unlikely that I purchase another Lululemon sports bra after having discovered these $20 ones from Amazon that are nearly identical but made out of a material I like even better! My only warning with these sports bras is to make sure you get the one linked if you want decent support. I made the mistake of thinking I was getting the same one I already had and ended up with one that definitely didn’t seem quite as supportive due to its thinner straps (although it came in a lot more color choices). The material of these is what really sold me since they aren’t as thick as some of the Lululemon ones and seem to wick sweat better. They have removable padding if that’s a game changer for you and I think I can rank them as my favorite workout sports bras which is great considering their price point. I’d say they run true to size, so I got a small. 

I think Amazon as a workout wear provider really took off when someone discovered that this brand makes essentially the same leggings as Lululemon for a fraction of the price. These feel nearly identical to the Align leggings but may be better for working out than the Aligns would be. I have a long black pair that I find myself reaching for whenever I pull them out of the dryer. I really want to get a pair of the cropped ones with the pocket (my favorite feature on my lulu ones). They do sell out frequently so if your size is in stock and you’re interested pull the trigger while you can. As for sizing, I went with a small and would order that again! 

Below you’ll find some other cute workout wear pieces that I’ve found on Amazon but can’t attest to the quality of. It’s amazing how many of these pieces look so similar to some of my favorite Lululemon items, and if the quality of the items I’ve tried is any predictor of these, I’d say for the price they may be worth giving a try. I’ll hopefully be sharing Instagram stories this weekend of the pieces I do own so be sure to follow along (@prepinyourstep) so that you don’t miss those! 

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