Monday, February 11, 2019

Step Into My Week

It’s Valentine’s Day week! Hopefully, that’s enough of a good reason to be in a good mood on a Monday. 

Monday was extremely productive at the office. Every line of the to-do list in my planner was full, and everything was crossed off. I love a productive start to the beginning of the week. I had to run an errand for a stylist during the day and was able to have lunch at my house before being equally as productive in the afternoon. After work, a big group of my co-workers and I went to Pizzeria GM in Homewood for dinner. I had never been, so it was fun to have a group of people to try it out with in addition to hanging out with one another outside of the office. I got home later than usual and used it as an excuse to put on pajamas and get in bed to have a bit more time than normal to read my book. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty similar work wise with and even after work. My friend Macy and I have consistently been going to the gym together, and it is SO much more fun. Fortunately, we do similar types of workouts and get there at the same time, so it has been really great. The only bummer is that we go at the busiest time of day, so we don’t always get machines next to one another. On Wednesday though, we were able to elliptical (is it ok to make that a verb?) together and then do an arm and ab circuit. After our workouts both of those days, I went home to watch the Bachelor since I missed it on Monday (and because I didn’t have the attention span to watch the whole episode at once). 

On Thursday, I got to work earlier so that I would be able to head out a bit earlier. I had a meeting in the morning and was able to finish a draft and read through some pieces during the rest of the day. After work, I took a co-worker to get his car from where it was being serviced and then went to the Y for a quick workout before showering and heading to the first night of a bible study that a friend started. I am so excited to have this to look forward to on weeknights especially since it is with so many of the girls I’ve become friends with here in Birmingham. Naturally, we chatted for a while before we got started but somehow managed to hang out and have a bible study in just over an hour which I would say is an accomplishment for us. When I got home, I cleaned up my room a bit (anyone else’s room get progressively messier the further into the work week you get?). I caught up with my roommate for a bit before getting in bed to read. 

Friday morning, I slept in a little bit (til 6:00 if that actually counts) before getting up and getting ready for work. As per usual, I went to Starbucks for my Starbuck’s Friday ritual. I did a bit of blog work while sipping coffee before heading off to work. We started using a new social content scheduler for our social media, so I spent a lot of the day practicing this new platform and scheduling out content. Once I got off at noon, I decided to go ahead and knock out my Trader Joe’s run for next week instead of waiting to do it with the masses on Sunday afternoon. Once I got home, I worked on some blog photos for next week’s post, showered, and let myself have a leisurely afternoon since I didn’t have any plans. Someone came by to fix our washing machine that evening, and after that, I went to Taco Mama with my friends Macy and Addie. We ended up staying there for nearly two-hours which is funny since as a restaurant, Taco Mama is pretty fast dining. On my way home, I went over to Nell and her roommate’s apartment to watch a movie with them and two of our other friends. I can’t remember the name of the movie we watched, but it was definitely a chick flick with the plot being about a country singer heading back to his hometown and reconnecting with the girl he almost married. 

I had the slowest Saturday morning I’ve had in a long time after sleeping in until about 9:30. I sipped my coffee and ate breakfast while sitting on the couch working on upcoming blog posts. After being dressed and ready to go on my run for nearly an hour I finally forced myself into heading out on an eight-mile run. After I finished, I went to Target, ate lunch, and showered. That night a big group of us had a game night at Nell and her roommates’ apartment. We played spoons and then played a few rounds of fishbowl before calling it a night. 

Sunday morning I got up and went to church, and afterward, Nell helped me with some blog photos before eating lunch at Saws. She came over to my house and hung out before we went our separate ways to get stuff done for the week ahead. She came back over that night and we watched Did You Hear About The Morgans? while eating our dinners and hanging out. I got in bed around 9:30 and read before eventually falling asleep. 


Watching: Did You Hear About The Morgans?
I haven’t been watching very much TV lately since I’ve preferred reading longer before bed, but I did watch this movie over the weekend. I think I had seen parts of it before but didn’t remember the entire thing. It’s on Netflix if you want to watch it! 

Listening To: The Libby App
Getting a library card has been one of my best decisions this year. As dorky as that sounds (and I feel like I can only say that because in reality, we aren’t that far into the year) it has already saved me money by discouraging me from buying books on Instagram that I can borrow from the library. In addition to that, I discovered that I could also borrow ebooks and audiobooks specifically on The Libby App. I have about 12 audiobooks on hold and have listened to 1 and a half in the span of the week that I’ve known about it. Game changer. When cooking, driving, or doing mindless tasks it has been a great time passer. I will admit that I miss some details, but that just makes me more conscious of which books I want to read and which I want to listen to. 

Eating: White Chocolate Candy Trail Mix
It is exactly as delicious as it sounds and I’m not typically a big fan of white chocolate. Keep your eyes peeled for the recipe on Wednesday.

Wanting: This Romper
I saw it posted by a boutique in my hometown and sought to find it online after seeing it. I wish it weren’t so expensive because otherwise, it is likely that it would end up in my closet. 

Also Wanting: This Dress
This looks like the dress version of my favorite (and all my friend's favorite too considering how often they borrow it) sweater. I'm so tempted to get it to wear as winter fades away! 

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