Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My Favorite Instagram Accounts

It seems like just about everyone has an Instagram nowadays, if not more than one. And for the most part, it’s embarrassing to admit how much time is wasted on the app. I like to know what friends are up to through my personal account, stay engaged and grow the following of the one I manage for work, and be inspired by the people I follow on my blog account. But, at the end of the day that can be a lot more information across the board than I really need to see. 

I’ve found that now that Instagram is a part of my job, I tend to use it less for pleasure since it’s nice to give my eyes a break from the screen and do something else when I get home at night. This means that when I do log in to my blog account it’s usually to post a photo, respond to DMs (which I’m definitely not getting an award for doing any time in the near future since I’m not always the best about this), and catch up on a few accounts that I like. While I have some bloggers whose Instagram’s I check I thought it would be fun to share a few of my recent favorite miscellaneous accounts. I’ve included a link directly to their profile as well as what their bio says about them and a snapshot of their feed. 

“Food and Flower Enthusiast | Stylist | Birmingham, AL

Flowers and food, what’s not to love? Ever since beginning my job working for a magazine, I’ve become more and more interested in photo styling. Since many of the titles at work are food based it has been so interesting to see the process that goes into making food photography pretty. Christina is really talented, and with her being in Birmingham it gives me a chance to discover new places to try that I may not have known about otherwise.

“Seriously. Just things I bought and liked.”

This is precisely what it sounds like. While her feed does share some of the products she mentions, following along with her stories is my favorite. I will say that I thought my phone’s volume was messed up for a bit and then thought her phone’s volume had a problem, but in reality, she just doesn’t speak while sharing the products. Instead, she puts everything you need to know about what it is and why she likes it directly on the screen. It’s also super great that so many of the products she discovers can be found on Amazon. 

“Verry Robin & Co. helps brands tell stories beautifully through photography, prop styling and art direction.”

Another favorite due to my interest in styled photography, Robin does an incredible job layering various pieces to add texture to the photos she shoots for brands. I love that she often uses a monochromatic color palette in her shots and I wish I had known about her calendars before I bought mine for 2019. 

“I have So Many Thoughts #SMT Catch up now by scrolling through my archives. Roving reporter after 10+ years at WSJ.”

You’ve probably heard of Elizabeth Holmes already, but if not, she’s the Instagrammer responsible for explaining and interpreting the Royal Family’s style choices on her stories. It’s something I like hearing someone else’s opinion on because unbeknownst to me, each detail in their wardrobe is chosen to make a statement. She’s funny, a talented writer, and makes Royal Family fashion highly entertaining. 

“Dallas | Fashion Blogger | Personal Wardrobe Stylist at Front Door Fashion.”

I was introduced to this blog by my friend (hi, Allie) who is good friends with Mary Sanford. Although we have very different styles, I love seeing what she is wearing. I’m definitely not cool enough to pull off some of her outfits but am so glad I was introduced to her feed! 

“Home décor line by @briahammelinteriors | Shop our newest collection, Fabric by the Yard.” 

Bright white interiors with hints of color and patterns speak my language. I like that the photos in this feed aren’t overly trendy (read: shiplap) and all seem very liveable. This is specifically the Instagram of @briahammelinteriors home décor line which means that a lot of the products featured can be easily purchased which is a win. 

Now it’s your turn to tell me who else I should add to this list! 

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